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“I always knew looking back on the tears would make me laugh, but I never knew looking back on the laughs would make me cry.”

Life in a B-School is always filled with eventful events, as they say the life starts at 5 in the morning and ends at 5. With the changing outlook in management education, where theories are made and shelved every now and then, where businesses are going global, where geographies are not just defined with barbed wires, the need of the hour is to keep with that pace. Understanding the same B-Schools around the world are striving to incorporate all these in their students. So if everyone is following the same trend worldwide, then how is life at IMT Hyderabad different from the others?

Well, the answer lays here- at IMT Hyderabad on one hand when the student is prepared to cater to the need of the hour, it also incorporates within the student the forgotten lesson of humanity. In an environment where students are perceived to be the most important stakeholder, and in almost every occasion the students are given a fair chance to voice their opinions, brings out the sense of involvement, responsibility and pride within the student. Here, life is not only stipulated to the black imprints on hard paper bound books. The leafy campus of IMT Hyderabad blisters with events apart from the regular bland lectures in the form of activities by the students, of the students and of course for the students. On one hand when there is enormous pressure of assignments, class tests etc. the other hand has limitless fun, friends- friends made for life, soothing chords of guitar and of course a sense of belonging that the students make at IMT Hyderabad far from their sunny native lands.

It is not only the students who make the white and red brick ledged walls of IMT Hyderabad filled with life, but it is also the faculty members who share the credit equally with the students. It is not uncommon to see a faculty sipping tea with a student in the mess, or helping a student in staging a particular show. But yet in the classroom not a single assignment due is ever postponed.

There are lot more to experience at IMT Hyderabad than any permutation and combination of twenty-six alphabets can make in the form of words that can be documented. Life at IMT Hyderabad is a dream, well cherished by all. Life at IMT Hyderabad is full of ‘soft hours’ that shines like stars in the distance to ponder upon. It is more to what these words can say, it is something that can only be felt, experienced and is impossible to be told.

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