Hyderabad, 14 October, 2018: IMT Hyderabad, in association with “More Than HR Global” organized the HR Conclave – Trailblazers: Learnings from the Best”. The event brings together eminent personalities, each with a powerful vision in their respective domain, and provides students with an excellent opportunity to learn from people who have accomplished the impossible and to get familiar with the nuances of the corporate world. Champions from across the country attended this year’s edition to share their thoughts on the theme ‘Lessons in Leadership from Sports’.

The esteemed speakers for the event included the following.

  • Rohini Rau- an eight-time consecutive national gold medallist in the women’s category for sailing who has clinched 30 Gold Medals. She is also a medical Doctor and Senior Medical Officer, TED Fellow, and Facilitator – Human Centered Design.
  • Dev Prasad, QA Head – Engineering Solutions at Robert Bosch and Author of Bestseller ‘Pitch It’.
  • Harimohan Pavuru, former Ranji Trophy player, Author of ‘50 Not Out’, Coach, Motivational Speaker, Workshop Facilitator.
  • Meghana Gundlapally, Rythmic Gymnast of India, aiming for Commonwealth Games.
  • Yogesh Maurya, Technical and Sporting Director-Fateh Hyderabad A.F.C, Premier India Partner, and Former Corporate Leader.
  • Ramesh Nagapuri, Dronacharya awardee and coach to Indian champion athlete Dutee Chand.

The event began on a propitious note, with Dr. Satish Ailawadi, Director of IMT Hyderabad and Mr. Rajesh Kamath, Co-Founder of ‘More Than HR Global’ lighting the lamp followed by an address by Director Sir about the perpetual need for leadership. “A team cannot win only on one person’s performance. One has to leverage strengths of each individual to achieve what is required.”

The first trailblazer for the day, Dr. Rohini Rau, started sailing at the age of 10 and has won several accolades ever since. She started her keynote speech with a hilarious stunt to capture the audience’s undivided attention. Be it the high tides of the sea or the challenges that life has thrown at her, she has conquered them all. She gave insights about how being in a sport like sailing has taught her the most valuable lessons in life. Expect the unexpected, be prepared. As things change, one must be ready to adapt. She elaborated on how to overcome failures and learn from each of them. For her, Sailing is a game of chess with a lot of physical activity. She concluded with powerful words quoting what she is and one should be, “Jack of all trades and Master of your life.”

Mr. Dev Prasad followed next for a panel discussion on Learning Leadership from Cricket with Mr. Harimohan Pavuru. They shared their views on the close linkages between cricket and the corporate world. Pain or ecstasy, one learns from every stroke of the game. In that sense, cricket teaches what no university can. People from all walks of life are driven by a single purpose. They should have passion to really push that purpose and pick up champions for a team to fulfil the key purpose. The discussion was enriched with quality information on building of Champion Teams and effective leadership lessons in sports.

Next up on the dais was Ms. Meghana, an enthusiastic 19-year-old who has inspired the world to rethink about how we perceive challenges and defined her life as a series of crucibles that make her the mettle-headed woman that she is. She demonstrated immense maturity, accrediting her success not to her physical flexibility but to her mental stability, which has helped her maintain focus. Taking the crowd through her journey, she expressed how she kept competing with herself and gave her all at each performance. Every time she felt low, she recalled the reason she is doing it. The sense of purpose keeps her going.

The second phase began with Mr. Yogesh Maurya, Technical and Sporting Director of Fateh Hyderabad A.F.C., Premier India Partner. He shared his insights on what sports teach corporate professionals, based on his experience as a former corporate leader. He gave an enlightening speech on achieving success with focus. He commented, “Coaches don’t make hearts beat, their heart beat to their head.” The audience shared a small laugh as he explained that it’s very tough to become a successful coach, and while every human being needs appreciation, a coach’s recognition is in his ward’s success. It was an absolute delight to learn about Mr. Maurya’s coaching style, which involves brutal practice sessions and keeping athletes far away from social media. He also talked on shattering personal barriers in a team through communication and rejuvenating energy. The personality development and coaching tips that he shared with the audience were undoubtedly the key takeaways from his keynote speech.

The day-long deliberations concluded with the Valedictory Session, which had Mr. Yogesh Maurya, joined by  Mr. Ramesh Nagapuri, Dronacharya awardee and coach to Indian champion athlete Dutee Chand as the Guest of Honour. The panel discussion encapsulated various topics emphasizing the importance of coaching for success. Mr. Maurya gave practical learnings on his coaching style followed by exhilarating story of how his team exhibited dedication and perseverance till the last moment at a recent tournament. Mr. Ramesh stressed on identifying strengths and weaknesses of a person and leveraging them by self-monitoring behaviours to influence each individual differently. “Don’t be obsessed with the players of the other teams. Focus on yourself. They were the champions of yesterday, but you are the champion of today”, remarked Mr. Ramesh as he concluded the discussion with an overwhelming applause in appreciation of both the panelists from the audience. Later the event was concluded with felicitation of the guests with mementoes as a token of gratitude on behalf of IMT Hyderabad. The guests then proceeded for a casual interaction over high-tea.

Walt Disney once said, “We keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things because we are curious, and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” On that note, IMT Hyderabad concluded yet another successful edition of Trailblazers in association with MTHR. With its range of themes and unfettered sharing of ideas, thoughts, and perspectives, the event offered significant takeaways for students, academicians, and professionals.

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