Synergy, the HR club of IMT Hyderabad is, relatively, a new club in campus. The concept behind the inception of HR Club is to spread awareness about Human Resource Management as a specialization among students and to enlighten them on the importance and functionality of Human Resource Management in any organization. We do this through conducting various activities in the campus like quizzes, business games, team building activities that are based on the concepts of HR. It helps the students to understand practical implications of being leaders in HR management in today’s world.

We, the members of the HR club, believe in spreading ‘Human Happiness’ across the campus. We have conducted events like ‘Amusant’ which was a game series of three rounds based on team building activities. Thereafter, we had conducted ‘Clueless’ in which teams competed with each other to reach specified goals, through hidden clues across the campus. Recently, in ‘Impelz’, the Annual Management Fest of our college, we conducted an inter college event called ‘The Ultimate HR Manager’ which comprised of an online quiz round, a case study write up and presentation and a buzzer round on current affairs relating to HR. We also conducted a fun-filled on-campus mini event during Impelz called ‘Star Bars’ which was enjoyed by participants from various institutes. The event was a team activity where the importance of communication between line managers and their subordinates was highlighted.