Studying at IMT Hyderabad

Campus Address

Institute of Management Technology,
Survey no. 38, Cherlaguda Village,
Shamshabad Mandal, RR District,
Hyderabad – 501218, Telangana
Phone: +91 40 3046 1501

The PGDM programs

IMT Hyderabad offers two-year full-time postgraduate programs called Post Graduate Diploma in Management, Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Finance) and Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Marketing), and a 15-month Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Executive) program. Students have the option of specializing in any one or two of the following streams: Marketing, Finance & Accounting, Human Resource Management, Operations Management and Business Analytics & Information Technology.

The first year comprises of three terms (trimesters) and offers core courses compulsory for all students. In the second year, also comprising of three terms, students can choose electives from their preferred area of specialization(s). Exchange students usually prefer to enroll in the second year of the PGDM programs.

Course load

The second year of the PGDM programs is the most suitable for exchange students. During the second year, students are required to choose 12 elective courses amounting to 36 credits. Apart from these 12 courses, there is one compulsory course per term. The course in Term IV is a core course on business ethics common to all students. The courses to be taken in Terms V and VI are called Integrative Electives. These courses help students integrate different functional areas and view the business as a holistic activity.

1 credit is equal to 10 hours of teaching. Thus, a 3-credit course comprises of 30 hours of teaching (20 classroom sessions of 90 minutes’ duration).

Course load

IMT Hyderabad believes in the continuous assessment approach, where students are evaluated through the duration of the term with feedback provided periodically. Hence a student will be in a position to assess their relative performance and take measures for improvement at various points in the duration of the course(s).

The components of assessment and relative weightage for each component are decided by the course instructor(s). The weights assigned to the different components for overall evaluation are as follows:


Weightage range

Class Participation

(Case Discussions/ Presentations)

10 – 20 percent
Written Assignments 10 – 20 percent
Group Projects Upto 30 percent
Mid-term Test Upto 20 percent
Quizzes Upto 20 percent
Comprehensive Examination 30 percent
  • Class participation: Classroom-based courses will be delivered through discussion mode. Case discussions are an important pedagogic tool in almost all the classroom based courses. To participate in the discussion in the class, students need to prepare well. The ‘class participation’ assessment component will measure the ability of a student to understand the subject and communicate it effectively by participating in classroom discussions
  • Written assignments: This includes a broad range of assessments such as essays, set of open ended questions, situation analysis, and review of literature. Broadly, the students’ work is assessed in terms of presentation, content, and critical judgment. The precise criteria for assessment within each of the assignments will vary according to the nature of the work being assessed.
  • Group project: Group projects are aimed at collaborative learning of the subject while developing team work skills. A group typically comprises of 4-5 members. Projects are designed in such a way that every member of the group has well defined responsibilities and all group members collectively have the responsibility to compile, consolidate and present their work as one single project
  • Tests / Quizzes: One or two tests / quizzes will be conducted during the course for assessing subject knowledge.

Semester dates

Students generally participate in the exchange program during the second year of the PGDM programs. The term dates are as follows:

Term 1 –July to September
Term 2 – September to December
Term 3 – December to March

The dates are subject to change, so please confirm the exact dates before arrival.

Attendance Requirements

The institute insists on regular and prompt attendance in classes. The minimum required attendance for every course is 75% of the total scheduled sessions. Students who do not meet this criterion will not be allowed to write the comprehensive examinations which means that they will not be able to complete the course.

Missed evaluations

Ideally, students should not miss any presentations, case discussions, quizzes, etc. However, at the discretion of the course instructor in-charge, a student missing any of the aforementioned evaluation components may be permitted to take make-up examinations, provided the student had obtained prior permission for his / her absence.

Students who miss the comprehensive examinations held at the end of every semester on medical grounds / exceptional situations may be permitted to take make-up examinations at the discretion of the course instructor in-charge. The student should have submitted a written request on or before the date of the comprehensive examination. The make-up examination(s) will be conducted within a week of the completion of the last examination.

Student activities

IMT Hyderabad students organize various events through their clubs and committees.

Some of these events are:
Impelz: The annual IMTH college festival
Periodos: The annual inter-college sports competition
Ace-connect: The annual corporate sports competition

All these events are conceptualized, designed and organized by the students. The management gives them full autonomy to take decisions and showcase their creativity to the fullest. This exposure provides our students with a platform to develop into all-round, socially responsible and successful global managers.

List of student clubs

Club Description Faculty Mentor
Altius Sports Club Prof. (Dr) Sourabh Bhattacharya
Antragna Cultural Club Prof. (Dr) Vinay Kumar K
Athena Thoughts Club Prof. (Dr) Debadutta Panda
Financea Finance Club Prof. (Dr) Nikhil Rastogi
I’m HR HR Club Prof. (Dr) Romina Mathew
McVon Debate Club Prof. (Dr) Steven Raj
Mercatus Mantra Marketing Cllub Prof. (Dr) Nitin Gupta
Opuskriya Operations Club Prof. (Dr) Sourabh Bhattacharya
Pahel CSR Club Prof. (Dr) Tumpa Dey
Prarambh E-Cell Prof. (Dr) M. Sivagnanasundaram
Insightix Analytics Club Prof. (Dr) Sridhar Vaithianathan

Student activities


It is mandatory for all exchange students to come to IMT Hyderabad on a student visa. IMT Hyderabad will send a letter of admission as soon as the nominations are received from the respective institute and it will be the responsibility of the incoming exchange students to comply with any Visa or other regulatory requirements.


  • June to October: It is the monsoons during this time of the year. In fact, Hyderabad receives 75% of its annual rainfall during this season. The average temperature during the monsoons is around 81 F; and maximum temperature is around 88 F
  • November to February: The average winter temperature is around 60 F, although it can be as high as 83 F.

Ensure that you have appropriate clothing. Light cotton clothes are most appropriate from June through October. It is best to carry some light woolen clothing for November through February.


Please consult with your local physician and ensure that you are adequately vaccinated before you reach India.

Reaching IMT Hyderabad

Hyderabad has an international airport, the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, which is quite near the IMT Hyderabad campus. Both pre-paid and regular taxis are available at the airport. Alternatively, the International Relations Center will arrange for free, one-time pick up provided the arrival details are sent in advance to the following address:

The IMT Hyderabad campus is situated outside the city limits. The best way to reach the campus from the city is by taxi. There are several metred taxi services available. The approximate cost is Rs. 650 – 1000/-.

Residence Permit

All foreign students who come to India for 180 days or more need to register themselves at the local Foreigners Regional Registration Office, within 14 days of their arrival in India. A penalty of USD 30 is levied in case of late registration. Registration is not compulsory for students staying in India for less than 180 days.

Currency exchange

You can exchange USD/Euro and all major foreign currencies at the airport itself. The Weizmann Forex counter is available both at arrivals and departures. Forex counters are also available in Shamshabad (UAE Exchange).

Since most international ATM cards have a maximum withdrawal limit of INR 10,000 per week, it is advisable that you carry 500-600 USD / Euro / GBP in cash when you arrive in India.

Settling down at IMT Hyderabad

Housing and food is provided on the IMT campus to all foreign students. A compulsory fee of INR 30,000 per term is payable towards hospitality, by online / wire transfer. Bank details will be made available. The payment must be made within 15 days of arrival on campus.


All post graduate programs at IMT Hyderabad are fully residential and it is mandatory for all students to stay on campus during the entire duration of their course. There are separate hostels for men and women. The hostel rooms are equipped with basic amenities such as a cot, small bed-side unit, table, chair, cupboard and fan. Internet connection is also provided in the rooms to facilitate students working at the hostel. You are required to bring your own pillows, mattress and linen. It is advisable that you arrange for them before reaching the campus. Bathroom and toilet facilities are shared by all students living on a particular floor.

It is advisable to carry mosquito repellents to protect yourself from mosquitoes. Mosquito repellents like liquid repellents, mats, coils and mosquito resistant body creams can easily be found in most of the shops here.


The institute has a common dining hall, where vegetarian and non-vegetarian (thrice a week) food is served 4 times a day at fixed times. The food is a mix of north Indian and south Indian cuisines. You may find it moderately to highly spicy, depending on your taste. There is also a cafeteria that serves tea, coffee, soda, juices, crisps / chips and other snacks. The cafeteria is open from 9.00am to 11.00pm. The meals in the dining hall are free, but you will need to pay for your purchases in the cafeteria.

You can also visit restaurants in the city. There are several restaurants which serve international cuisine.

Computer Labs

The Computational Resource Centre (CRC) of IMT Hyderabad is equipped with state-of-the-art computers, accessories and software. The institute’s internet facility is backed by a dedicated bandwidth of 50 MBPS. Students can access the internet 24/7. The CRC is open from Monday through Saturday from 9.30am to 8.30pm.

Drinking Water

It is advisable that you use bottled water during your first few days at IMT Hyderabad, water dispensers on campus have filtered potable water, but you might take a few days to get accustomed to it. Some reliable mineral water brands are Bisleri, Bailey, Aqua Fina and Kinley.

Please note that tap water in the bathrooms is not potable.


The Learning Resource Centre (LRC) is equipped with books, magazines, journals, CDs and electronic databases. Currently, the LRC has close to 12,159 books of over 7310 titles. It subscribes to 47 national journals, 10 international journals, 21 business magazines and 8 newspapers. The institute has subscriptions to electronic databases like, EBSCO, ABI, Emerald Management, Capitaline, EMIS, Harvard Business Case Collections, etc. The LRC is open from Monday through Friday from 9.30am to 8.30pm.

Other facilities on campus

Photocopy services and printouts at nominal charge
Courier and mail services
Gymnasium (treadmills, cycling and weightlifting)
Sports facilities (Basketball court, Table Tennis, Cricket and Football grounds, and Tennis court).

Fruits / vegetables and general supplies

Fresh fruits, vegetables and groceries are available in Shamshabad, which is the nearest market. Students and the members of the International Relations Office will be very happy to help you in locating stores and specialized items.

Text books

Text books and all other course material for all courses are provided by IMT Hyderabad without any extra charge.

Banks and currency exchange

There is an ATM in the IMT Hyderabad campus for emergency cash requirements. A few state and private sector banks have branches in Shamshabad, the nearest local market area.

Please note that most international banks do not allow withdrawals of more than INR 10,000 in one go from the ATM. It is advisable that you carry 200-300 USD / Euro / GBP with you in cash when you arrive in India.

Medical Insurance

It is recommended that every exchange student coming to IMT Hyderabad has a health insurance cover. This ensures that in case a student gets ill, he / she can avail cashless health care and does not face financial hardships. It becomes important in case of serious illness or accident in particular.

Although health insurance is not mandatory, it is always safe to have one.

Medical facilities on campus

The institute has a medical centre on the campus. The doctor is available every day from 7.00 to 8.30 am and from 5.00 to 6.30 pm Monday through Friday, and from 8.00 to 9.30 am on Saturdays and Sundays.