Student Council

    • The Student Council at IMT Hyderabad recognizes that discipline is imperative in maintaining the sanctity of a premier B-School. It is this awareness that drives the Student Council which consists of an eclectic mix of students, from both the senior and junior batch. The Student Council works towards its endeavor of striking the right chords of harmony between the student community and the management.
    • At IMT Hyderabad, each student’s concern is of importance to the management and the Student Council serves as the indispensable liaison. It recognizes that the institute comprises of mature and professional individuals and in keeping with this fundamental belief every student is given an immense degree of freedom. However, with this freedom comes the responsibility to be aware of the disciplinary framework within which one should operate. The Student Council, in essence works as an ombudsman, observing student practices and institute events, and intervening as and when necessary.
      • Members of the Student Council recognize that they are also part of the diverse student community at IMT Hyderabad and hence lead by example to do what is righteous for the greater good of the Institute. This vision helps the students work in tandem with the management’s expectations.
      • The Council members meet at frequent intervals with the Director and faculty members to bring students’ concerns relating to infrastructure, session schedules, mess facilities, disciplinary measures and institute protocols, to name a few.
      • The abiding connect created by the Student Council between the management and student community eventually brings synergy to the overall academic and non-academic endeavors at IMT Hyderabad.