Storytelling for Social Impact

“Social entrepreneur has business in his mind and no profit in his heart.”

“Human experiences are the key to understanding problems.”

Hyderabad, August 1st 2018: Prarambh, The Entrepreneurship Cell of IMT Hyderabad organized a discussion on the topic “Storytelling for Social Impact”, The speaker for the event was Cynthia Hellen, founder and CEO of SMPLCT Labs. She is recognised worldwide as a business woman, producer, international speaker and technologist. In 2014, Cynthia became the chapter leader of the New York woman social entrepreneur (NYSE).

Ms. Cynthia Hellen started by giving her brief intro and mentioning the difference between the world she lived and the world she left. She got an inspiration for entrepreneurship from her family. She loves stories and also said, “Everyone has the story to tell “. She then shed light on some her entrepreneurial ventures. First of which was Girls Who Rock, a non- profit concert in which 100 percent profit was donated to girl’s education in Peru. After an earthquake in Pisco, Peru. Cynthia used plastic woods to replace conventional wood for use in furniture, displaying great deal of innovation. She then introduced everyone to her second venture, Neo panda. It was a scalable and inexpensive monitoring system of infants. It gave a real time alerts to nurses when the infants were in distress. The value of the system was $2500.  The third venture, she mentioned was Winning Women. It was a women empowerment platform that promoted entrepreneurship among women, Microsoft also partnered in this venture to include their employees as a part. The last venture she discussed was Explorer Festival, it was a three-day entrepreneurship festival in Lisbon, Portugal with 600 plus entrepreneur from all around the world. The festival had an internship training by Navy corps (bootcamp), explorer conference followed by explorer toolbox.

She took her discussion on definition and qualities of a Social Entrepreneur, Social Business, Social Enterprises and the difference between social innovation and social entrepreneurship. She also emphasised on the importance of social media in social entrepreneurship. She introduced the technologies used by social entrepreneur which includes Freecode, Ecosia, Umoove, Global giving and Fairphone. She then discussed about B Lab, which measure the impact of social entrepreneurial ventures. In the end, she shared her first experience of competition in entrepreneurship when she went Princeton as a budding entrepreneur, where she won the second prize by sharing the idea of a food app which could be used to share recipes. She then shared her first start-up experience when she opened a small restaurant in her street at the age of just 16.


The discussion was then followed by an interactive Q/A session. After which, Cynthia was honoured with a memento. Overall, the session was highly informative and productive.

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