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4 reasons why IMT-Hyderabad is nationally competitive in the finance subject domain

By Richards TV, Anushka Rawat

Everyone wants to become good with money someday, but only a few of them put efforts into achieving their financial goals. The road to good financial management is very challenging and only a few manage to become stalwarts in it. These people who have excellent financial proficiency credit several years or decades of trial-and-error, mistakes, mentors and many other sources as the reason for their expertise.

Is there a way to gain decades worth of this knowledge and relevant practical experience within a period of, say, 2 years?

IMT-Hyderabad offers that possibility thanks to its highly competitive and nationally acclaimed PGDM Finance program. If you are an aspiring finance professional, do read on to understand why you will gain a lot from this program.

Competitive teachers

The cadre of faculties dedicated to finance in IMT-Hyderabad have a combination of both academic teaching experience, doctorate degrees from acclaimed institutes and corporate experience. Despite their stature and credentials, the students of our college consider them very approachable and understanding. Our faculties also have a certain magic around their pedagogy which enables even people weak in finance to understand financial concepts with greater ease.

Access to proprietary information

The college has tie-ups with many famous financial data aggregators such as Capitaline® and Prowess IQ®, which aids the students in conducting proper research for their financial projects. Data is a significant aspect for research, especially financial research. On top of this, it is also important to know how to use this data available in abundance.

The students are trained how to use to use this data effectively so that it can be beneficial for their careers. Some students have used the skills taught to them in various platforms such as their internship companies and B-school competitions, and have won accolades.

Getting access to this data along with the methodology to use them, is very difficult for individuals due to the high price tag associated with it. However, this is not an issue to our students who can access these databases liberally.

A conducive culture for finance

Many people say that they can learn finance easily from online sources such as edX, Coursera and even YouTube. However, the value of a PGDM degree in finance does not only lie in the classroom lectures and projects that it offers but also the exposure it gives to finance in terms of events and competitions.

Finacea, the resident finance club of IMT-Hyderabad conducts several finance related events that not only teach people practical aspects of finance, but also ensures that they have fun at the same time. They also offer promotions of finance related events in other colleges in order to offer diversity in exposure.

The attractive internship and placement scenario

The finance domain is highly respected by all the recruiters that come to our college. In fact, the highest placement offer that is given to our students till date is about 22.5 LPA, with an average offer value of 8 LPA.

One of our students who interned in Nephroplus, who is an avid finance hobbyist and a dedicated member of our finance club, managed to get the first PPO (Pre-placement offer) from the same company this year.

Here is a testimonial from one of our students who did her internship in American Express:

“My experience as an intern at American express has been very amazing and it has helped me understand the various nitty-gritties of how MNCs work! I was working with the corporate planning team which gave me an opportunity to gain experience of the real data and finances of the company. Also, my experience was not just restricted to the finance department I was exposed to other departments as well."

- Ayushi Gupta (Batch of 2020).

People who graduated in finance from our college also have a good career progression post their graduation. For instance, one of our seniors who interned in RBI, is now an AVP in Guardian capital investments.

Thus, the future is bright for any student who makes the best out of our finance program.

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A key decision to make

There are several paths you can take to becoming proficient in managing money, either for yourself or a company. Despite the risks and challenges, our PGDM in Finance program acts as a launchpad to anyone interested in a finance-based career and due to the above four reasons, the results that you will obtain upon graduation is well worth the investment.

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