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PGDM Marketing

The PGDM Marketing course at Institute of Management Technology Hyderabad (IMTH) is a program for aspirants in management, seeking to pursue Marketing as their major specialization. Marketing is undoubtedly a function that helps an organization to generate its revenue through identifying and satisfying customer needs. The PGDM Marketing program will prove to be beneficial to the students who have a predetermined choice of their specialization and will give them the right direction in their professional growth towards a career in Marketing. The program has been curated for people seeking knowledge and skills in the domain of marketing but also allows them to supplement this with the option to choose a minor subject from the other fields of study. This course will help in shaping the individuals into dynamic corporate ready professionals through deep understanding of marketing strategies and business acumen they would have garnered by the end of the program.

  • Principles of Marketing
  • Advanced Marketing Management
  • Services Marketing
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Brand Management
  • Marketing Research
  • Retail Management
  • Product Management
  • Social Media Marketing & Media Management
  • International Marketing
  • E-Commerce and Digital Marketing
  • Integrated Marketing Communication
  • Sales & Distribution Management
  • Business to Business Marketing
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Strategic Marketing Management
  • Rural Marketing
  • Marketing Metrics
  • Special Project / Organization-Based Project in Marketing

  • This PGDM course has been designed especially for marketing students in collaboration with experienced marketing professionals.
  • Gaining real-life experience through internships makes it easier to get pre-placement offers from companies since they don’t have to worry about training inexperienced people
  • The course provides insights into the latest market trends, developing strategies and best marketing practices adopted by the industry at large.
  • The course offers practical experience in understanding the role of a good marketing professional.
  • The course gives students the confidence to apply the principles and techniques of PGDM-Marketing in real life.
  • The course helps students become a confident sales professional as well, thanks to their knowledge of consumer behavior and selling skills honed during the program.


Participants who are taking up this program would be apply functional and foundational concepts to think critically and solve business problems related to marketing.

Innovative Thinking: Issue spotting and opportunity recognition. Participants would be able to identify options to convert problems into business opportunities. Creative approaches learned through case discussions help participants to generate unique solutions to problems or ways to respond to opportunities.

Ethical Responsibility: Participants would be able to make ethical decision making by recognizing ethical issues, applying ethical frameworks to analyse them, then choose and defend a solution.

Reflective thinking: Participants of the program would demonstrate consideration of a belief, form of knowledge, action, or experience, evaluate it, and develop insight toward future action.

Initiative to seek opportunities for active involvement in curricular areas. Taking others perspectives and to demonstrate an understanding of another person’s point of view.

Communication Skills: Emphasize would be given that results in enhancing communication skills in

Writing: produce quality business documents that exhibit competence in content, organization, quality, and referencing.

Presenting: create and deliver quality business presentations that exhibit competence in content, technology, verbal and non-verbal presentation skills, organization and clarity.

Interpersonal skills and teamwork: communicate effectively in small group situations.


The courses are delivered using a mix of various pedagogical methods such as case discussions, lectures, simulation, business games, seminars and practitioner’s sessions.

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It can be a career-defining move to get this kind of experience as part of your resume, along with the distinction of being a PGDM holder. Have these two will make any marketing student a must-have recruited for any of the thousands of companies operating in our country, or even abroad. To give you an idea about what kind of jobs you can have in this field, here is a list of various job titles in the marketing segment.

  • Marketing Manager
  • Communications Manager
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Brand Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Advertising Manager
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Content Marketing Specialist
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