• There is no dearth of ideas in the world, but the dearth of perseverance and courage required to transform these ideas into reality. A badly executed great idea is as good as a bad idea. As rightly quoted by Thomas Edison, vision without execution is delusion.
  • Prarambh, the Entrepreneurship Cell of IMT Hyderabad came into existence in 2011 to maintain and further augment the entrepreneurial spirit among the students, be it in terms of providing a platform to put forward their ideas or conducting events to showcase an entrepreneurs’ acumen or inviting dignitaries to college to let them share their invaluable learnings and experiences with the aspiring students. The cell misses no opportunity to encourage and motivate the students to become their own bosses and prepares them to be ready to take big risks in the life.
  • Carrying forward the legacy of the last year, the club reinvented the old events to present them with new fervor and zeal. The Flavour–e–Azam marked the beginning of the academic year 2014-15, where Prarambh put up a grand fiesta to let students assess their business sense and price their dishes according to the demand, peak timings and costs incurred. The team with the highest profit was awarded. At Impelz, the first management fest of IMT Hyderabad, E-Cell carried out 2 events, which turned out to be grand success. The first event, Pitch Up, the Annual B Plan competition, provided an essential platform to the students of premier B-schools of the country to present their ideas for accurate and in depth analysis by the renowned judges and plug the loopholes, if any, at the earliest stage. It was followed by another event Startup Expo, which served as a meeting ground for the budding entrepreneurs, investors and students. It not only provided greater visibility to the new startups but also let the students get the feel of starting one by interacting with their founders and knowing about their mistakes and experiences.
  • E-Cell also brings out the monthly edition of its magazine called Empressario, which carries a new and relevant theme relating to state entrepreneurship in the economy to know the views of the students and educate them at the same time. The Internship edition is another special feature, carrying the internship experiences of the second year students.
  • With all these events in the past, the cell continuously endeavors to provide support and motivation to keep the spirit of entrepreneurship alive in the young hearts of the students.
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