Post Event Note – Training Program on “Emotional Intelligence for Effective Leadership”

Emotional Intelligence for Effective Leadership

15-16, December 2017, MDP Room, IMT Hyderabad

The two day program on Emotional Intelligence for Effective Leadership was organised by IMT Hyderabad on 15-16, December 2017 at MDP Room, IMT Hyderabad. This programme was attended by senior level executives from Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and Phoenix Engineering Technologies (PET), Hyderabad.

The objective of the programme was to provide a thorough introduction to the idea of Emotional Intelligence for enhancing efficiency in Leadership skills.

On Day 1,

Shri K. Subrahmanyam, Former Executive Director, Union Bank of India inaugurated the Programme by highlighting the importance of Emotional Intelligence in our day to day personal and professional lives.

Prof (Dr) Apurva Sanaria, Faculty, IMT Hyderabad, embarked the session with capturing participant expectations and Introduction to ‘EI for Effective Leadership, theme for the interpersonal and professional communication amongst individuals and groups.

Prof (Dr) Shabnam Priyadarshini, Faculty, IMT Hyderabad, guided the participants for the Emotional Quotient test and gave all of them an insight of their personalities by the scores attained by them.

Prof Dhananjay Singh, Faculty, IMT Hyderabad, conducted a session on Self – Management, by emphasising on the time – management skills and how that can lead us to a higher level of performance and self – satisfaction.

Prof (Dr) Tulika Sharma, Faculty, IMT Hyderabad, covered the session on ‘Listening to Understand’ and threw light on how understanding fellow colleagues or individuals improve our relationships with our peers in the long run.

Prof (Dr) Debendra Prasad Kar, Faculty, IMT Hyderabad, covered a session on Managing Diversity at Workplace. He gave instances of varied cultural differences and how they in turn affect work productivity of an individual and the firm as a whole. He emphasised on managing them intelligently in order to attain higher out from an individual.

On Day 2,

Prof (Dr) Apurva Sanaria, Faculty, IMT Hyderabad begun his session on ‘Managing Teams’ in the organisation with the help of Emotional Quotient and managing conflicts in relationships by managing the conflicts generated from emotional outbursts at workplace or at home.

Prof Dhananjay Singh, Faculty, IMT Hyderabad, conducted the session on ‘Effective leadership’ by elaborating the different leadership styles of leader through historical evidences and what made them Leaders.

During Valedictory session, Director, IMT Hyderabad, addressed the gathering on significance of Emotional Intelligence and distributed participation certificates to all the participants, thereby concluding the MDP.

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