Mercatus Mantra

  • Mercatus Mantra- the official marketing club of IMT-Hyderabad, oozes class and charisma and has popularly earned the reputation of organizing the biggest intra and inter-college events this college has witnessed till date.
  • The club embarked the new session with ‘Buzzaar’, which easily proved to be the biggest crowd pulling intra college event of 2014!
  • Mercatus Mantra is also known for extracting every ounce of your marketing knowledge and had set up a daunting task of preparing an Integrated Marketing Communication plan for its participants at Impelz.
  • We also hope to cement our position as one of the leading and the most sought after clubs at IMT- Hyderabad by conducting two more enticing and intriguing events- Sitam-e-cinema & Quizaattaa by the end of the academic year.Also, the club is on the verge of launching its newsletter, the very first in its short yet prosperous history.