Mac Von Communications Club of IMT-H

  • We are your voice. We reflect your opinions; add substance to your thoughts. We are “MACVON” (Macro Volunteers) -the communications and debate club of IMT Hyderabad.
  • The club was started as part of the Macro-Economics curriculum in 2011. The need for enabling constructive argument and multi-lateral thinking, were the sowing factors that led to the inception of MacVon.
  • Macvon is a platform where students get together to discuss news and topics that call for us to examine facts and delve deeper into that which is discernible. The club provides an intellectually stimulating platform to deliberate on current happenings in the country, international news, macro-economic policies, etc.

“It is better to debate a question without settling it rather than to settle a question without debating it” – Joseph Joubert.

  • We at MacVon believe in taking the bull by the horn, understanding what implications a decision might have before its actual happening. We see ourselves as facilitators in the process of creating a conducive environment for intellectually stimulating events.
  • Debates and group discussions call to task public dialogue and nurtures critical thinking skills and at the same time expand the horizon of one’s thoughts. The discussions help expand our knowledge base and enable us to be cognizant of what is happening around us, which is highly essential in today’s competitive scenario. This way, Mac Von stayed true to its spirit of training and fostering young budding managers who may in the future be required to debate/discuss and resolve matters at higher levels.
  • The idea behind Mac Von was to take the debates out of the classroom, beyond course and credits. In continuance of this pursuit MacVon has conducted ‘Rhetoric’ during IMPELZ and recently conducted the highly successful event ‘BIG Fight’ Juniors vs. Seniors. In the future, we see ourselves facilitating many more events regularly and creating a value addition to everyone concerned.