Leadership Series


Hyderabad, 24th August 2018: IMT Hyderabad conducted a session as a part of the Leadership Series by Dr. Satakarni Makkapati, President-Aurobindo Pharma Limited.

Dr. Makkapati is an alumnus of The University of Manchester and IMD Business School where he pursued his interests in Biochemical Engineering and Business Administration, respectively. Having worked at prestigious pharmaceutical companies like Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories and Instas Pharmaceuticals, he pioneered the Biologics footprints in Aurobindo’s organizational landscape for a sustainable business strategy and product portfolio.

The session was a glimpse into his journey of biotech leadership based on six fine elements. Beginning with his life-changing element, Dr. Makkapati explained the role of a mentor in a person’s life, explaining that a mentor subconsciously ingrains relevant domain knowledge and gives us the right direction, leaving everlasting imprint on our lives.

He connected the second element stating how the only constant in life is Change. Evolution happens with change and one must always contemplate on what can be learnt. He substantiated his view with the example of an eagle, which chooses to evolve again when given a choice to go through a change or resist the change.

“Whenever you have the opportunity to lead, never have self-doubts.” Speaking from his rich experience in various corporate and startups, Dr. Makkapati elucidated how a team is more efficient and creative than an individual. As a team, together we become better.

For the fourth element, he played his favorite video by Lead India illustrating the essential features of a good leader. According to him, leaders are inspirational and proactive, the kind that India needs, who can roll up their sleeves for “cleaning up” the society.

“With great authority comes great responsibility”, Dr. Makkapati remarked. As a B-School graduate, it is very crucial to identify the problems in an organization and communicate the same to the team truthfully. Authority and accountability go hand-in-hand and any failure on this part would result in the failure or the business itself.

One can overpower one’s inner flaws by following Dr. Makkapati‘s last teaching: to reflect deep into ‘one’s self’ and to align every action with one’s growth.

On this note he concluded the session, sharing his great insights on leadership, strategy and awareness of one’s darker side. The students were left to reflect on these elements and redesign their plans for the next two valuable years at IMT-H.