Leadership Series – Shri N kalagdi

Hyderabad, 19th February 2019: Institute of Management Technology, Hyderabad organized a leadership program in the honour of Shri N kalagdi , a first generation entrepreneur. Amidst the esteemed gathering of our Director, Dr. Satish Ailawadi, faculties and learners, the founder and owner of Nath Industries shared his insights on “Challenges in Improving Efficiency, Sustainability & Resilience in Agricultural Industry”.

Shri Nandkishor Kagliwal has done his MS in management from USA. He is deeply involved with agricultural research, rural development, education and health care. Shri Kagliwal served as a member of Planning Commission of Maharashtra and also as president of Maharashtra Economic Development Council (MEDC) for five years. He was on the board of State Bank of Hyderabad, IDBI and SICOM. Currently he is on the board of governors of Federations of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO), MEDC and Central Institute for Research on Cotton Technology (CIRCOT) and Honorary Commercial Attache for the State of Nebraska, USA.

IMT Hyderabad’s core belief is that the students will learn more from the practical aspects and life journeys of fine leaders like Shri N kagliwal. Shri Kagliwal discussed about the agricultural problems faced by the farmers in India. He shared facts and data on the current scenario of farmers and the reason for distress among them. The structural shift from agriculture to services is one of the reasons for declination of agricultural sector in India. “Agriculture is crying for glamour inputs from the management students like you”, he quoted.

To bring a sustainable growth in the agricultural sector, Shri Kagliwal displayed the importance of government initiatives to solve the problems of this sector. He also managed to catch the attention of the audience towards the implementation of subsidies in India. This discussion concluded with the idea that if the government just ensures that farmers get the true price for their products, it would result in resilience and sustainable growth in the industry.

Shri Kagliwal firmly believes in giving back to the society and his thoughts are reflected in his actions as he has been instrumental in setting up a modern hospital and the currently acclaimed Nath Valley School, and various other social-cultural institutions in Aurangabad region. He has also established a Food Park for the Farmers Produce Organizations where farmers will get better credit facilities, expert’s advice and best raw materials at economical prices. He explained, “India can become the provider of the food to the world but it would require a strategic shift.”

Shri Kagliwal ended the session by motivating the MBA students of IMT Hyderabad to pursue their dreams with the combination of perseverance and hard work. He urged the students to keep learning and growing despite the challenges that they may face.

The Director, Dr. Satish Ailawadi appreciated the work of Shri N Kagliwal and awarded him with a small token of appreciation. The students were charged with immense energy and with the motivational words of Shri Kagliwal, the audience bid adieu to his session with a standing ovation.

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