Leadership Series – Mr. V.R.V. Sriprasad, Ex-Managing Director of VOLVO Buses- South Asia

Hyderabad, January 16th 2018: IMT Hyderabad had Mr. V.R.V. Sriprasad, Ex-Managing Director of VOLVO Buses- South Asia, as a Guest Speaker in the Leadership series held by the institute. A man with experience of over 32 years, Mr. Prasad has worked with many well reputed organizations, which includes serving as the Vice President for Marketing and Communications with Daimler India Commercial vehicles for six years. Apart from his immense contribution to the Corporate World, Mr. Prasad has been actively involved in various CSR activities throughout his career, which includes administering many Non-Profit Trusts, which have been set up by him.

Mr Prasad introduced his topic ‘Indian Auto Industries’ with great zeal, and also introduced the audience to his passion towards automobiles. To get the audience familiar with his work and the world of automobiles, He began his discourse by talking about his perception on auto industry. He explained the evolution of auto mobiles through different phases, and also mentioned how Indian auto industry was in a very controlled regime, and had only started to loosen up in the beginning of 1980s. Mr. Prasad introduced many automobile brands through his presentation, which have conquered the roads in India.

“Automobile has given a lot of empowerment to women, other than giving mobility” he says. He also helped Audience get familiarized with the concept of Bharat Benz– A Daimler brand for India, and mentions how the name ‘Bharat’ has a strong connotation. ‘Key Challenges for Auto sector’ also played a great part in his discourse, where he described how factors like emission, technology upgrade  and electro mobility might play a huge part in affecting auto industry in India.

On the later part of his discourse, he decided to have an open dialogue with the audience and a critical analysis on automobile industry. He had a quick Q&A round with the keen audience who had their questions ready to be answered by Mr. Prasad. He later gave an orientation on traffic management, and how public transport needs to be utilized to its complete potential.

“It is more important for every rich person in the country to use public transport than it is important for every poor to own a car” he said, and urged students to realize it sooner than later. He later went on to discuss on how students need to assess their goals in life, and spoke about different career choices and career plans for students, who were present there as his audience. He also urged on how students of today need to hang on to their passion more than ever. He was also quoted as saying “Don’t let go off your passion. You may or may not realize your ideal fit of Profession, but eventually you will know where you belong.”  He ended his discourse by giving life value lessons on Success and by saying “Take life as a marathon, not a hundred meter dash. It doesn’t matter who is ahead of you, you only need to finish the line.”

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