Hyderabad, 21st December 2018: Institute of Management Technology, Hyderabad hosted the fifth edition of its Annual Management Fest, IMPELZ 5.0 on 21 and 22 December 2018. With participants from esteemed B-schools of the country, the campus brimmed with energy and enthusiasm.

The opening ceremony began on an auspicious note with faculty members lighting the symbolic lamp. Mentors Dr. Tulika Sharma and Prof. Steven Raj welcomed the students and declared IMPLEZ 5.0 officially open. Teams from premier colleges like SIBM Pune, KJSMR, SRCC, Hindu College, IIM Nagpur, SCMHRD and Prin. L. N. Welingkar Mumbai marked their presence and challenged one another in a battle of wits and talent. IMT Hyderabad’s wide array of student-driven clubs that are specific to the domains of Finance, Marketing, HR, Operations, Strategy, Culture, Social, Entrepreneurship, Sports, Communications, and Analytics hosted a gamut of intriguing events on Day 1.

Pitch Up:

The E cell club of IMT Hyderabad started Impelz 5.0 with their major event, Pitch Up. The potential investors evaluated the participants on the basis of their budding ideas and presentations. Amartya Jha, a participant from VIT Chennai was announced as the winner of this event with his exceptional idea of Sangrakshak- reserving for sustainable development. NMIMS Hyderabad holds the title of runner-up.


The all-famous Nukkad- Natak named as Jagriti by Pahel- CSR club, portrayed street plays based on themes to enlighten the society and spread awareness. Themes from Communalism to Kerela floods and the role of Media were all covered bringing NMIMS Hyderabad to stand out and win the prizes.


The Finance Club- Finacea organized Prakshepan giving participants the business minds and how to focus and make the best utilization of the most important element- Money. Providing students with last five years data, they were asked to project the future data and portrait their investment proposals. This mega event brought brainstorming ideas evaluated the finances with a venture capitalist in real time. IBS Hyderabad won the event and NMIMS Hyderabad was the runner-up for the event.

Corporate Roadies:

Corporate Roadies was organized by Synergy- the HR club as the Lead HR event. The event has two levels, first being the Corporate Roadies and second is Lead HR which is saved for the second day of Implez 5.0. The participants had to go through various activities based on team building and team engagement. The role of HR in the corporate world was well incorporated in the event. The concept ruled on taking real-life managerial decisions with stakes that hold the organization strong.


Rebuttal- Macvon, the Communication Club in collaboration with Eloquence, the Public Speaking Club of IMT Hyderabad conducted Rebuttal, an event aimed at exercising the debating and public speaking skills of the participants. Enhancing the managerial skills and unabated dedication to win brought NMIMS Hyderabad to win the finals.

Joker Conviction:

With a mix of fun, exuberance, and knowledge, Opuskriya- the Operations club organized its minor event- Joker’s Conviction 2.0 with the saying- “If you play your cards right, you’ll be able to hold all the aces and the situation won’t become another house of cards”. The concept of lean management was imbibed for the event with practical implications of the same.

Ace the Maze:

The premise at IMT Hyderabad was adorned with striking decorations. Ace the Space by Athena- the Strategy Club, took over the show in the evening with huge crowd polled to ace the maze and decoding for refreshments and fun.


Cogentix, an analytics event was hosted by Insightx, the analytics club of IMT Hyderabad. The participants were given a hypothetical problem and the team with the best solution was rewarded with applause and acknowledgment.

IIM Nagpur won the competition with their astonishing showcases of research and decision-making skills. SCMHRD Pune stands as the first runner-up.


Mercatus Mantra, the marketing club of IMT Hyderabad introduced a very captivating event. The event was called Brandathon and just like a marathon it builds the same adrenaline rush and enthusiasm amidst of the participants. The event comprises of games that were associated with marketing and the participants were rewarded with competitive lessons and prizes.

Face Off:

Face Off, an event by the art club of IMT Hyderabad, Tassavur, displayed creativity and artistry by the participants. The participants from different colleges got a platform to make their faces as canvases and depict a story according to the theme. IMT Hyderabad won the competition with flying colours.

Wits & Words:

The Media Relations Committee of IMT Hyderabad for the first time introduced its public relations’ minor event Wits & Words which saw a huge number of participation from both inter and intra college students. The event’s theme was very eccentric as it contained the idea of integrating both creative and technical writing.


The College band- The Paradigm Shift, blended out a mix of English and Hindi songs to entertain the audience for the night. The tracks sung by the band together brought relieving energy to the audience. The unity and bond of the band members were appreciated by everyone in the audience.


Mudra- the annual dance Competition held by Antragna, the cultural club at IMT, brought troops with open themes and teams competed with fire raging inside them.

For over the past years, IMT Hyderabad had dreamt of the trophy which by hard work and dedication made their dreams come true. Facing such rigorous competition and finally getting all things into place, the teams overwhelmed with tears when they made their way through the final shootout. The moment of pride and confidence over their achievement was in their smiles.


Antragna, the cultural club of IMT Hyderabad organized Amaya, the annual fashion show where students from colleges like NIFT Hyderabad, SIBM Hyderabad, and IBS Hyderabad show off their passion and fascination towards fashion. All the teams performed exceptionally and gained words of appreciation from the esteemed judges. But in the end, IMT Hyderabad ruled the stage with their enthralling performance and won all hearts.

The Day 1 of IMPELZ 5.0 was appreciated by one and all for a plethora of reasons.

“The event was a pure blend of Marketing and HR where humans were at the core and brands at the periphery. This interesting combination by IMT team made it more enjoyable.” -Prin Welingkar Mumbai

“The concept of the press release was well used in the event. It was a fun event and we found it an enriching experience. The hospitality of the students is commendable.” – SIBM Hyderabad

“Right from the entry, the premises of IMT Hyderabad is really fun and happening. I really like the way how all the events have shaped up and the amount of enthusiasm the students are showing.”- NMIMS Hyderabad

“Impelz 5.0 is truly improved and came back with better colours from last year. I really appreciate the organizing committee on bringing the best judges to evaluate.” -VIT Chennai

“It’s always a great experience every time coming back to IMT Hyderabad campus. The events have increased in numbers and so did the participation and enthusiasm among the participants.” – IBS Hyderabad

Hyderabad, 22nd December 2018: IMPELZ 5.0 had started off in full swing and participants had exhibited exuberance at all events conducted on the first day. Day 2 of the Annual National Management Fest of IMT Hyderabad had a lineup of the most engaging competitions in store for the teams. The event sponsors, CocaCola, Dusk Miller, Champu.in, The Lal Street, Croma, Pee Safe, and Web Trainings were on board to make the evening a magnificent success.


The marketing club of IMT Hyderabad conducted its major event Adtract that became the highlight of the day. The participation from colleges like SIMC Pune, Prin. Welingkar Mumbai was commendable. Participants got an opportunity to show their creativity and innovation by strategising the launch of their brands.

Prin. Welingkar Mumbai won the event with their insightful ideas on how to improve the brand’s communication and recognition. SIMC Pune was declared as the runner up for this event.

Vyapaar Ka Punchnama:

Finacea- the finance club of IMT Hyderabad hosted their minor event that involved commodity trading based on real-life scenarios. The team with the highest value of commodities and with the highest amount of cash wins. IMT Hyderabad secured the first position at the event.


At Episteme, the major event of Opuskriya- the Operations club at IMT Hyderabad, the contestants had to identify the operational glitches in the case study and come up with a detailed blueprint stating the solution to the problem. The winning team was Prin. Welingkar Mumbai followed by IMT Hyderabad and NMIMS Hyderabad as runners-up.


Tassavur, the Art club at IMT, organized a one-of-a-kind event that witnessed the perfect potpourri of managerial skills. The event had models for the photographers with a room to let their imaginations find a way and get captured. The artistic paradigms were prepared for the spectacle of the event and showed hues of creativity.

Testament of the dead:

Insightx, the analytics club of IMT Hyderabad organized an amusing event of mystery solving. The event included different rounds of solving a murder mystery in the given time and the participants were tested on their reflective thinking and decision making skills.


A photography competition organized by The Media Relations Committee of IMT Hyderabad was a mesmerizing sight to watch. The exhibitions show cased talents from colleges across the country like IIM Calcutta, BHU,and SIMC Pune.

IMT Hyderabad once again excelled in showing talent as the hosts won the first prize.


Antargna, the cultural club of IMT Hyderabad organized Rangmanch the annual play competition where the participants exhibited exceptional stagecraft.

IMT Hyderabad’s team Navrang was honored by a standing ovation by everyone presented in the audience with their performance on mental health and care. IBS Hyderabad and SIBM Hyderabad also win over audience’s hearts with their exceptional comedic performance.

Corporate Litigo:

The second level of Lead HR by Synergy, the HR Club of IMT Hyderabad was Corporate Litigo. “It’s about having the right people with the right abilities, in the right place and at the right time.” This was the whole essence of this event. The participants had to hire the best employee on the basis of ‘Big Five Personality Traits’. The event was a proper blend of the concepts required for an HR Manager in the corporate world.

Prin Welingkar Mumbai was placed first with SIBM Hyderabad as the runner-up.


The event had multiple layers of strategy, intricacies entwined with one another which made it one epic battle. The Strategy Club of IMT Hyderabad, Athena had devised a perfect battleground to test the strategic business knowledge of the participants. The contestants were given a combination of products and had to use those products to frame a completely new product and use their strategy to convince the opponents to invest in them. For them, they were not opponents, they were investors. The best master business plan and the team win the highest ROI wins. Prin Welingkar Mumbai again excelled in this event with NMIMS Hyderabad as runners up.

Suite Speculation:

The Entrepreneurship club of IMT Hyderabad organized a bidding event where the participants got a chance to show off their speculation and risk handling skills. The participating teams were given a task and the team which performed in the most efficient manner was rewarded.

Fuzzle and Rebuttal:

The two communication club came together to organize two of their minor events called Fuzzle and Rebuttal. Fuzzle has an interesting concept of solving a picture puzzle with the help of team members. The participants gained a lesson on team building and work pressure.

Rebuttal contained two games, Switch-e-baaz and The Reality Check both tested the participants on their communication and thinking on the spot skills. NMIMS Hyderabad won this game.


The music competition Alankaar was organized by Antragna, the cultural club of IMT Hyderabad. The participants from different B-schools participated in the battle of music. IMT Hyderabad’s very own music team Dhwani bagged the first prize and a huge round of applause from the audience.

Closing Ceremony: Threeory Band

Impelz 5.0 has triumphed in every level and the management, esteemed teachers, the Organizing committee, and student volunteers were applauded for its success. The two day event was concluded with a lively performance by Threeory Band which re-energized the crowd and made them groove to the music. The crowd cheered for the band and for Impelz 5.0’s success and heartily congratulated everyone who was involved in the process. The evening concluded with an enjoyable DJ night, giving the students the rewarding break they all deserved.

The participants shared their experience through the following testimonials:

“We always look forward for Impelz, to visit IMT Hyderabad. The event never disappoints. Everything here is so lively and goes very smoothly. We appreciate the management team for building such a great event.” – SIBM Hyderabad

“We’ve liked the idea of three events which was very unique and will try to imprint them in our management fest. The experience was tremendous and the hard can be reflected. Great work!” – SIMC Pune

“IMT Hyderabad students have always been the perfect hosts for events and provides with enriching experiences with more managerial events being added every year. It grows grand every year.”- NMIMS Hyderabad

“I came here for just an event but ended up participating and engaging myself throughout the day. The minor events are fun and destressing. Competition prevails along with fun activities. IMT has always been the best platform for me.” – GLA

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