Hyderabad, 16 January 2021: Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Hyderabad organized its Fourth edition of the TEDx event on 16 January in a unique digital mode. The event had a line-up of speakers covering myriads of life. This year's theme EDIT- Explore, Discover, Imbibe, Transform - brought stories of transformation from the ones who have made through the past's rubbles to create the reality they imagined. The speakers gave fresh insights and experiences to the students of IMT Hyderabad.

"Till date, I keep experimenting, and ingredients do surprise me in different climatic conditions; I call my food Asian-inspired.” - Sashi Cheliah. This winner of Master Chef Australia has south-Indian roots, is multilingual, and is strongly connected to culture. His belief in traditional cooking is what makes his game strong since fusion comes out of the mainstream blends served on a plate with perfection. Sashi Cheliah is the man who takes the faith of cross-culture differences to new heights by connecting people on a fundamental level through his food and the conversations that happen while dining. Cheliah holds a strong stance by developing a deeper understanding of people; whether it is customary to their language or their culture, he imbibes it all with open arms. As he calls it, "This is where my skills and hacks come in handy." The unique connection he shares speaks for his sense of identity, taking the fusion saga further ahead.

"Art is my passion, and I would have become nothing in life if not an artist." - Sri Priyatham.

An art illustrator and creative artist, Sri Priyatham gained popularity for his caricatures, which continue to retain their true original essence. The way he sees it, there is a three-part series to his sense of perspective-the how's, the what's, the why's. His impeccable understanding of art speaks for itself, how dearly he holds the artist's calibre, vision and creation. From fandom to a discovery of passion, he credited to global art icons, audience enthusiasts, and people from all walks of life, who appreciated his craft.

The third speaker was Mr. Magandeep Singh, from "Everything Wine, and Beyond, at Wi-not Beverage Solutions Private Limited" and the first certified French Sommelier of India. Mr. Magandeep Singh spoke at length about connecting with the crowd during public speaking and effective communication. He quoted, "Two ears, one mouth, the ratio says it all" to emphasize the power of listening in enhancing your quality of content in communicating.

Mr. Magandeep Singh spoke about the importance of self-decision, autonomy, and how it would benefit a speaker to speak publicly. He mentioned twenty tips to make a speaker more comfortable with a crowd and impactfully engage with them, this included using pauses resourcefully, speaking sharp, straight point instead of lengthy addresses, and avoiding deviation from the subject matter. He concluded by saying, "Conduct the crowd like an orchestra" to create a clear picture of how the perfect public speaker would energize and improve an audience's awareness.

From unknown career choices to discovering inner potential and living life to the fullest, Raina Raonta has done it all. Ms. Raina is a social media manager and video producer at SheThePeopleTV. She began her speech by motivating the audience to change the existing stereotypes by experimenting and taking risks in life. She highlighted the importance of feminism and how it changed her by embracing empathy in life. She illustrated the significance of evolving oneself to be a better individual by discovering ones true potential as an inevitable contributor to achieving the best out of life. She emphasized feminism as the need of the hour in empowering women. She mentioned the importance of finding and having people to support and back us in tough times as an essential support system for everyone in life. She accentuated the importance of accepting self and prioritizing future goals as inevitable in achieving sustained success. She also advised the audience not to be rigid in their approach towards life and have an open attitude towards training to learn, unlearn, and re-learn. She ended her speech with advice for future business leaders to inculcate the habit of self-talk in discovering the inner self and self-belief in accomplishing success in life.

From humble beginnings to India's top-ranked Automobile influencer and owner of one of the country's top-ranked digital automotive content brands, Faisal Khan inspired the audience with his journey in life, discovering his love and passion for cars. He began the session by exemplifying his affection and dedication towards gaining and improving knowledge about automobiles that later spanned out as a full-fledged career to inspire millions across India. He accentuated the importance of active listening skills, listening to others' opinions and views, and providing co-workers a fair chance by understanding their task execution perspective, which is inevitable in achieving life goals. He emphasized the essence of "do what you love and love what you do" for pursuing your passion as a career. Lastly, he highlighted the significance of following your true passion, constant self-improvement, consistency,

determination, never give up attitude, and resilience as critical factors in accomplishing success in life.

An author, global shaper at World Economic Forum, these are some accolades which our next speaker, Shreyas Bajoria, has to his credit. He has been working for community and capacity building and is a vital member of the Social Network. He talked about design thinking, which he reiterated is thinking about the box and questioning the box's very existence. He also highlighted the importance of design thinking to derive solutions for the future, which may not be pertinent initially but is sustainable for the future. He mentioned eminent design thinkers like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk and how design thinking has an important role to play in it. Lastly, he said, "Design thinking is not a series of steps, it is a whole radical change in the way we think and look at a problem."

The next speaker was Amit Khatri, co-founder, Noise India, who started his entrepreneurial journey in 2018 and made Noise one of the most recognizable technology-driven brands. Under his leadership, Noise has become India's leading smart wearables brand. He talked about the several P's which he had encountered through his journey, starting with: purpose-to have a clarity of thought before approaching a particular task, people-surrounding oneself with the right set of people to derive the desired results, passion-to do what one feels like doing, product-giving attention to the details and providing sustainable business solutions, perseverance-having patience to thrive through the crest and troughs of a phase, and profits-following the above P's diligently will eventually churn out the desired outcomes.

An actor, cinephile, expressive, meticulous performer, these terms are synonymous with Kanishk Priyadarshi, who is known for his fun-loving acting and anchoring skills an OkTested-The sister company of Scoopwhoop. He shared his thoughts on doing something even if one does not feel confident about it until one decides the best possible path. He talked about passion-something which one wants to pursue and profession-something which one gets themselves into. He also emphasized the importance of work ethics as one of the most imperative traits for any profession.

The event came to a closure with the vote of thanks by the members of the Organising Committee. The ever-enthusiastic audience that the event experienced made it the kind of

success that it came out to be. Just as all good things come to a definite end, the event was officially closed. It did leave its audiences with food for thought while promising a new chapter for its next edition.

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