Conflict Management Across Cultures

IMT Hyderabad, 14th March 2024: Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Hyderabad, on 14th March 2024, organized its sixth session of the Global Immersion Program (GIP). The session on "Conflict Management Across Cultures" was led by Ms. Klarese Donnelly, UC Berkeley Executive Education, United States. Ms. Klarese Donnelly excels in global program delivery and is skilled in project management, process improvement, stakeholder relations, and strategic implementation for impactful student outcomes. Following Prof. (Dr.) Nitin Gupta, Chairperson – International Relations, IMT Hyderabad, welcoming remarks, Mohan Garje, a first-year PGDM student, formally introduced the speaker to the students.

Ms Donnelly shed light on the complex subtleties of cultural diversity and how it affects international busi-ness situations. She enthralled the audience by digging into the importance of cultural understanding, noting differences in cultural norms between areas such as India, the United States, and Europe. She broke down culture into six key components: presence, appearance, language, values, identity, and tone.

The speaker stressed the relevance of cultural preferences in personal relationships, using examples such as personal space, touch, eye contact, gestures, and punctuality. She explained how these factors vary by cul-ture, such as the importance of eye contact in the United States. In addition, she explained the impact of looks and language in various corporate situations, distinguishing between direct and indirect communication methods and their consequences.

Ms. Donnelly led students in an engaging conversation about values, using Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions to depict ideas such as power distance, individualism, and collectivism. She also discussed the intricacies of identification at the national and subcultural levels, warning against preconceptions and misconceptions.

The session concluded with insights into the modern-day workforce and India's burgeoning economy. A lively Q&A session allowed students to delve deeper into cultural nuances, further enriching their under-standing.

Prof. Nitin Gupta expressed gratitude to Ms. Klarese Donnelly for her invaluable insights, underscoring the institute's commitment to foster global perspectives. The session ended with a vote of thanks, leaving partic-ipants inspired and enlightened.

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