Aspects of Organizational Psychology with Developing Nation Perspective

IMT Hyderabad, 28th Feb 2024: Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Hyderabad hosted the first session of the Global Immersion Program 2024 (GIP-24) on 28th February 2024. The eminent orator for the session was Prof. Karin Sanders, Senior Deputy Dean of Research & Enterprise, UNSW Business School, Australia, who discussed “Aspects of Organizational Psychology with Developing Nation Perspective”. Prof. (Dr.) Nitin Gupta, Professor – Marketing, Chairperson – International Relations, Co-Chair – Branding & PR, IMT Hyderabad, welcomed the speaker, after which Raghav Agarwal, a first-year PGDM student, briefly introduced the guest speaker.

The speaker began the session with a brief introduction and expressed enthusiasm about engaging with MBA students from India. She showcased the top companies that Indian students are currently aspiring to work for. Furthermore, she delved into Human Resource Management (HRM), elucidating it as an approach to managing people through integrated HR policies, strategies, and practices. The distinction between personnel management and HRM was clearly articulated. She emphasized the interconnectedness of HR departments, employees, and organizational performance, citing examples from various research papers to illustrate how to formulate efficient HRM strategies.

The speaker underscored the primary strengths of HRM, such as distinctiveness, consistency, and consensus, substantiating her points with relevant examples that resonated with the students. She discussed the concept of power distance across different countries, particularly emphasizing India's high power distance. Regarding the COVID-19 crisis, she highlighted the pivotal role of HR in disseminating information.

The interactive session also covered prominent theories in human resource management, notably the Attribution theory, which was thoroughly explored. Key concepts like affective commitment, uncertainty avoidance, collectivism, individualism, masculinity, and femininity across different countries were intricately explained, providing students with valuable insights.

Following the session, a Q&A segment ensued where students eagerly sought the speaker's insights on how India's multicultural dynamics contribute to formulating an effective HRM strategy. The conversation further delved into the challenges that policymakers face in disseminating uniform information to ensure all employees are aligned.

Upon the successful conclusion, students expressed their heartfelt gratitude and thanked Prof. Karin Sanders for delivering such an enlightening discourse.

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