CII - The Social Leadership Conclave

Hyderabad, 4th December 2020: Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Hyderabad, has had the privilege of associating with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). The Social Leadership Conclave held by the CII involved esteemed panelists giving their thoughts on building "Innovative corporate social responsibility models," improving corporate social responsibility by enhancing its strategic effectiveness and building responsible corporate citizenship. The event comprised of a series of six speakers who addressed the role Corporate social responsibility plays in an organization.


The event was inaugurated by Mr. SN Venkatraman, Convenor, CSR Panel, CII Telangana, and divisional head- Marketing at ITC PSPD. He gave a brief introduction about disaster relief, digital literacy, and sustainable CSR. He also talked about the various new opportunities and sustainable CSR models that would emerge in the coming years. He believes that increased community sense plays an important role for every individual to understand their responsibility and help develop individual and society.


Ms. Swathi K, Co-Convenor, CSR Panel, CII Telangana & Trustee of Natco Trust, was the host of the event, and she took CSR forward by talking about the way companies nowadays are internalizing the triple bottom line and the importance of social vision required in an organization to achieve its objectives. Other than that, she also talked about the difficulties households are facing in the education sector because of loss of income. Even though things have turned online now, there is no curriculum for online education. According to her, learning anytime and anywhere is the challenge for the day.


Mr. Ashish Dhawan, Founder of Ashoka University and Central Square Foundation, was the first speaker. He described how soft infrastructure and human capital best improve economies. He highlighted the importance of foundational literacy throughout his address, which is a core competency for a child's education effectiveness. Mr. Dhawan began by mentioning statistics like improving the literacy rate from post-independence to the present-day scenario. He talked about enhancing the ability through a weekly evaluation system, and remedial program style that could make a student more capable than being exam oriented. He suggested that the State government has an incentive to work on salient features of foundational literacy to enforce reforms that have been made to education policy. The outcome from his address was that a solution to unemployment faced by the existing workforce had opportunities for CSR of large companies to improve the education reforms' reach to grassroots and collaboration with government players.


The next speaker to grace the occasion was Mr. V Ranjanna, Past Chairman, CII Telangana & Sr Vice President & Global Head-Technology Business Unit at Tata Consultancy Services. His major focus was on the importance of training digital skills and the measures Telangana Govt would take.


Then BVR Mohan Reddy, the chairman of CYIENT, expressed his views about CSR. He said, "CSR was more about philanthropy earlier, but now they have come a long way. Several strategic initiatives are taken, and people make sure their money is being spent on good causes to make an impact on society." He expressed the importance of women's empowerment and believed it to be one of the reasons behind his organization's motivation. He believes the hidden thing that is present

in every organization is that there is volunteerism. He also talked about leadership and teamwork and its important role in the organization's success.


The last speaker of this session was Mr. Satish Reddy, Chairman, CII SR & Chairman, Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd. Talking about incorporating sustainability in the company's long-term strategy, Mr. Satish Reddy elaborated on achieving it by viewing them from a community point of view through product responsibility, operational transparency, equal opportunity, gender diversity, occupational health management and community development with a specific focus on implemented techniques such as water neutrality, hazardous waste reduction, and zero landfills. Dr. Reddy also deploys green chemistry principles at its manufacturing facilities to reduce carbon footprint. In its endeavor towards changing lives, Dr. Reddy's foundation impacts people through its flagship livelihood and skill development program named GROW, which primarily focuses on the core employability skills.


Overall, the event was insightful and helped the audience understand CSR's dimensions and its importance in every aspect of the organization. Besides this, they also educated the audience about the national education policy and discussed why it helps bring up quality education, and the importance of vocational training.


According to Pallavi Nair, student of IMT Hyderabad, batch 2020-2022, "I found the sessions very informative. I got to learn a lot because I never realized that CSR is as big as it is in the corporate world. We had various speakers talking about the work they do in society and the extent to which it has helped in the development of society. "


As a premier B-school, the key takeaway for IMT, Hyderabad from such an event is teaching and getting involved in multiple CSR activities, contributing to mankind's betterment, and being a changemaker to promote sustainable living.

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