‘Food is the ingredient that binds us together”

Hyderabad, September 6th 2018: Prarambh, the E-Cell of IMT Hyderabad organized the 7th edition of the annual food extravaganza, Food Fiesta with the theme ‘Box Office’.

      “Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness”

 Food Fiesta returned to IMT Hyderabad for its 7th year on 6th September 2018. More than 40 participants came outside the walls of classroom and entered the world of cooking and cutlery. Food Fiesta is the annual food carnival of IMT Hyderabad where students set up their own stalls and sell food delicacies of their choice. This year’s Food Fiesta was bigger and better than the previous editions with unmatched excitement and enthusiasm. The food spectacle began with the auction of stalls, which in itself was a mega event where different teams battled it out with the might of money to buy the stalls. The base price of each prime stall was Rs 800 and that of a normal stall was Rs 650.

This year the theme was ‘Box Office’, so all the preparations were done keeping that in mind. The stalls were also named after blockbuster movies like Bahubali, Dabangg, Shivaji the boss and Sholay. The whole arrangement was divided into 8 stalls; 3 prime and 5 normal stalls. By the time event began, it was eventide and the scenes were mesmerising. The unique food festival offered a wholesome of dishes like Dosa, Pani-puri, Aloo Tikki, Virgin Mojito, Burger, Pav Bhaji and many more. Everyone was able to munch their way around the world; such was the variety of food stalls. Students showed cooking skills that could give competition to the best of cooks around the corner. Prarambh, the organising club also announced cash prizes of 5K and 3K for the two best performing stalls. The evaluation was done based on parameters like revenue, operation, marketing, quality etc. Opuskriya, the operation club also evaluated the stalls based on their operations.

The stalls were like small business ventures for the owners and the owners learned quite a bit about business and management. The authentic dishes in the menu accompanied by beautiful music made the event memorable. Prarambh managed the event in the way that made everyone leave the event with a smile.

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