Director’s Message

Dr. M. Venkateshwarlu

Director & Professor – Finance & Accounting Area

At Institute of Management Technology, IMT-Hyderabad we continually face challenges and how we view them defines us. Do we choose to see the challenges as stepping stones or as obstacles? If we choose to see them as obstacles, then the challenges we face will be viewed as problems- problems that need to be overcome along with all the negative connotations associated with the problems. A great deal of energy can be spent focusing on a negative mindset- mindset like “I can’t”, “I won’t”  “I don’t want to” and ‘I shouldn’t have to”. And this will be a wasteful exercise.

We at IMT-H, however, choose to see challenges as stepping stones-opportunities that we have encountered along the way for us to use, to “step on” so that we achieve more, develop further and ultimately actualize our vision and mission.

Our vision is to be leading management institution that contributes to the development of business and society through excellence in grooming leadership, entrepreneurial talent and research.

IMT Group, of which IMT-Hyderabad is a part, has a dream. A dream of becoming a world-class academic institution- a World class Institution where people feel proud to associate with. Here people include not just the students, staff and faculty members but all the members of community/ society who look forward to tangible impact the Institution makes to their lives.

Dear students, if we have to become a world-class institution your role cannot be negated. A lot would depend upon you as to how you make use of these two years stay with us in developing yourself into an adult with ever questioning mind. We expect you to be well-behaved and disciplined individuals exhibiting never ending quest for learning. You should not only be learning the existing business strategies but should be willing to question the same and be ready to innovate and experiment. Business is all about innovation and to my mind innovations come through those who are willing to experiment and commit mistakes. So get set for experimenting and innovating. In your journey to innovations you will find my team of faculty members always willing to mentor and facilitate you towards achieving your goals.

I can assure that there are great opportunities to look forward to stepping stones here at IMT-H campus that will transform you from individuals who not only know ‘how to make living’ but more importantly ‘how to live’

Once again I welcome you all and wish you a very successful and memorable stay at your very own IMT-Hyderabad.