• Athena, the Thought Leader’s Club of IMT Hyderabad is a group of people who derive satisfaction by acquiring knowledge and understanding of different philosophies of people & cultures. We believe in understanding the thought process of people to learn about the triggers to certain business practices. We at Athena examine different cultures, traditions, religions and history to establish cause and effect relationships between them and the current business ideologies and methods.
  • We are an enterprise, run by highly motivated and concentrated group of people who plan to take the club into newer waters than just the paradigm of traditional philosophy. We discuss about relevant international associations and their role determining the future of business. We plan to hold events where would talk about the different management philosophies and practices that the contemporary and ancient management Gurus have given and critique their relevance in today’s corporate environment. We would also draw comparisons on the philosophies and practices propagated by different management thinkers of today and across time periods to examine what has changed and what is still relevant. We also plan to examine the business practices of organizations that affect us on a daily basis and understand the philosophy they run on and whether that really resounds with the goal of the organization.
  • We set ambitious plans and strive to push ourselves to develop a deep understanding of the Philosophy in Business. Our aim is to learn, unlearn and relearn what history and philosophy teaches us about business so that we know how to tackle different environments and deal with different types of people and organizations. We believe in collective learning where all the members of the club pool in their knowledge for the benefit of one another in order to learn more efficiently.
  • Modernization vs. Westernization was our first debate topic on the 22nd of July. It was a debate between the senior members, to both promote the club as well as give an insight into the platform that we are. Strong opinions were raised as was expected from the participants.
  • AFSPA: A dated colonial law in an independent India was our debate topic for the 15th of August. The patriotism of the participants was visible as they debated upon the relevance of the law in modern India.