• ‘ANTRAGNA’ epitomizes the fire within, the fire of life, creativity and self expression. As we at IMT Hyderabad come together from different walks of life, we weave the threads of a common identity through ‘Antragna’, our cultural club.
  • The connect with the finer sensibilities ,our inner selves, and the outer world is not only maintained and fine tuned but also finds a release, show cased through dance, drama, music and various other mediums, through this endeavor. The joie de vivre that such an exercise generates is invigorating, renewing both the body and the soul to bounce back with a renewed zest into our daily world of high pressure academics. We stay committed to the spirit of Antragna all through our rigorous academic schedules. It has opened new horizons and widened our world view, besides being a tremendous team building effort and a cultural bond enhancer. What has emerged is a kaleidoscope of color, creativity and expression.
  • Our semester began, with a Talent Hunt organized by the current crop of seniors wherein we had to present a potpourri of drama, music and art in teams, the underlying theme being the same.
    This was followed by Independence Day celebrations with flag hoisting, a theatrical presentation (written, directed and enacted by the students)based on the independence struggle, leading to the formation of independent India and thereafter the present day Modern India. Not only was this an exercise in patriotism but it also reinforced the spirit of being Indian, which binds us all together.
  • Teacher’s Day unraveled a series of riddles, custom-made for our entire faculty. The students as well as the faculty were invited to guess and the professors in question were subjected to dares given by their peers. The day ended with a round of musical chairs which gave us a glimpse of our professor’s competitive streak! The bonhomie that was struck was unbelievably heartwarming and was here to stay in every heart.
  • Numerous other festivals were celebrated with zest andfervor throughout the year. The Dandiya Night (during the Navratri /Durga Puja period) was a colorful extravaganza of traditional dresses, music and Dandiya Raas. The spirit of Christmaswasmarked by a band performance, a short skit on the birth of Jesus, and our favorite, The Carol Karaoke!
  • We also had one of our Marketing Professors dressed up as Santa Claus and distribute sweets to the Batch, (which he graciously and sportingly accepted to do). The New Year celebrations saw us letting down our hair and shedding any vestige of inhibitions that remained, as we danced away the blues into the wee hours of the night. Lohri, Pongal and Sankranti, all harvest festivals, were celebrated on the campus with the visiting students from School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), Columbia University. Lohri was marked bythe traditional bonfire and music in the night and eatables like popcorn, gazak, revari and peanuts were served in celebration of the season’s bountiful harvest. The next day marked Sankranti and Pongal which saw eager participation in the Dahi- Handi followed by kite flying in the morning.
  • An adaptation of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar was written, flawlessly enacted and directed by the members of our club in the midst of all these events. This saw us improvising brilliantly with the costumes and the sets, as we stoked the literary and the creative simultaneously.
  • The students of Portland State University (PSU) were welcomed with an evening of dance recitals and musical renditions .We presented a show case of the variety and diversity of Indian music and dance while displaying our talent and flair with the western styles too. The exercise was reciprocatedon an equal level as the students from PSU presented an act and dance routine of their own, a true exchange on all levels!
  • Antragna has delivered time and again – and how! It has delivered us from the monotony of academics, the drudgery of routine and last but not the least, provided us with an outlet to let our creative juices flow. Just as the Yin and Yang need to be balanced to achieve harmony, the intellectual and the creative need to be constantly in sync to optimize, enhance and achieve academic goals. From here on to greater heights and new frontiers, we shall strive to live up to the meaning of Antragna.