Hyderabad, 29 September, 2018: The Annual Alumni Connect witnessed a proud IMT Hyderabad bask in its alumni’s achievements with more than a hundred attendees turning up from different parts of the country for this event at Hotel Avasa, Hyderabad.

Focused on uniting students from past the seven batches, the Alumni Relations Committee conducted a successful activity-filled event. With inaugural speeches from Dean K. Sriharsha Reddy and Faculty Mentor Professor (Dr.) Tumpa Dey, the Institute vowed to strengthen the IMT brand community through their continuous work of binding the past with the present batches.

The President of the IMT Alumni Association, Mr. Debashis Das highlighted the various activities that the Association has ventured into which had a positive response on the guests who wanted to be a part of this wonderful journey to support the IMT family. A stalwart alumnus, Mr. Das never misses a single reunion and he graced the students both from the older batches and future aspirants with the series of events back in the day.

Interactions led to interesting revelations, emotions were at their peak and the ambience truly brought out the spirit of the institute- it’s a family. Faculty members reconnected with their old students, experiences were shared, and memorable events were pinned down while they walked the path of the memory lane.

Padmanabh Upadhyay, an alumnus from the 2013-15 batch quoted, “It was difficult to keep up with the course work, but the struggle made me so successful when I entered the corporate world. Work hard future batches and pay attention to what you learn here”.

Siddharth Joshi, an alumnus from the 2015-17 batch was well elated to come from Delhi and quoted- “Never felt happier being with my family. I always love coming back home and meeting my mentors”.

The event was a huge success in reuniting all the batches. With seven batches already taking on the corporate life, the institute hopes and wishes that next year will witness more of the IMT Alumni family to join in the meet.


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