Hyderabad, 13 & 14 October, 2018: “Play to the best of your potential and the results will come through. Focus not only on the results but on the process. Because when you manage the process well, you will achieve your goals.” With these words, Director Dr. Satish Ailawadi waived a green flag to IMT Hyderabad’s annual corporate sports event: Ace Connect- Where Corporates Take the Field. The morning began with an infectious energy as teams buckled up to hit the ground, ready to unleash the dormant athletes within them. Every year, IMT Hyderabad organizes this one-of-a-kind event to bridge the gap between the academia and the industry, giving students an opportunity to build synergies with corporate professionals via sports, a means seldom ineffective.

All members associated with Ace Connect were particularly ecstatic with the overwhelming response received from most of the professionals who attended the event. Their testimonials have always been a source of inspiration to perform better every year hence. 

“The grounds of IMT Hyderabad feel like it is ‘our place’. Being a management college, we applaud and appreciate the students for their efforts in organizing such an event. Reliving these memories and adding new ones, we loved the enthusiasm of the students and this brings us back here every year.”

-Team NCPI

“It is very important to build a rapport with the corporates and the students were successful in doing that. We’ve been playing a lot of matches and this has been the best experience so far.”

– Venkatesh, Senior Processing Executive, Cognizant

“Ace Connect helps us to test the future managers. The students here showed so much dedication that it motivates us to come again year after year from the last 5 years.”

 – Aditya Sakhamuru, Head, DSP BlackRock

 “You can build on yesterday’s success or put its failures behind and start over again.”- Bob Feller

The message rang loud and clear as participating companies today brought in their A games and challenged one another to a fierce series of matches. With their optimistic spirit and love for sports, the teams geared up to return and once again compete on the field to lift their trophies back home.


 The crowd cheered on for the star players of the corporate teams as they stepped on the field. With the sun rising overhead, the teams hoped to secure the winning trophy. A hat-trick of sixes was the most glorious moment of the day coming from Team Capital First. The results of two rounds of semifinals led Tata Capital in a face-off with Capital First in the Cricket Finals of Ace Connect 2018. They gave their hearts to the last game, for it was the final time to roar.

The match posed a tough challenge of 54 runs but Tata Capital played like champions and hit the last six, the perfect rendition of MS Dhoni’s final six at the World Cup 2011. The taste of the battle against each other with a healthy, competitive spirit is enough to bring the companies back to the same ground.


 The Volleyball matches between the teams of Oracle and Infosys were captivating to watch. Oracle, high on spirits after Day 1 victory, was ready to compete against the Infosys team. With double the support and cheering from the crowd the game began with a bang of energy. The Volleyball Finals were a spectacular vision as teams outperformed each other with every shot, leaving the audience in awe. Oracle Team 1 swept the floor with an amazing victory of 15-12 against Infosys.


 Day 2 of football saw the host team IMT Hyderabad giving a tough competition to both the big shots; ICICI Prudential and DSP. DSP secured a glorious victory against ICICI Prudential in the finals by 4- 0. Both the teams gave some extraordinary tensed moments which kept the crowd glued to the edge of their seats. The Captain and Assistant Manager of DSP, Altaf Singh Nair, was very proud of his boys and admired the efforts of the management.


 The basketball court witnessed the reign of TCS as they outperformed all the other teams. The Finals between TCS and Cognizant was undoubtedly a nail-biter of as they won by just one point. Both the teams showed exceptional sportsmanship while playing and with their friendly banter.

The Closing Ceremony of Ace Connect 2018 was grand and nothing short of a celebration. The evening was graced with the presence of Dr. Satish Ailawadi, Director of IMT Hyderabad, Dr. (Prof.) Steven Raj, Faculty Coordinator of Ace Connect 2018, and Dr. (Prof.) M Sivagnanasundaram to felicitate the winning teams.

 “Participation of all teams has made Ace Connect 2018 a glorious event. Ace Connect has been bigger and better every year”, said Dr. Steven Raj, acknowledging the support of the entire Ace Connect Team of IMT Hyderabad.

The evening of 14th October was adorned with performances by Antragna-Cultural Club of IMT Hyderabad with entertaining singing and dance performances by the budding managers of tomorrow. There was a melodious musical medley by Dhwani, the Music Team, followed by a stunning dance by team Dhanak-The Dance Team that wowed the audience and received a compelling applause. The routine were capped off by an interesting and though-provoking skit by team Navrang, talking about the reality of the Indian society, politics, and media. The evening ended with the distribution of the awards for the event and congratulating the organizing team on the huge success of Ace Connect’18.

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