Ten Brands that excelled in their Marketing Strategies during COVID-19 Crisis

We live in a dynamic environment that’s currently facing a disaster which has restricted our social interactions. As marketers we need to be prepared to change our marketing strategy according to the situation. Here’s a list of the top10 brands who have shown their support towards fighting the pandemic with their intuitive marketing campaigns.


10. McDonald's

McDonald's has always been one of the quickest global brands to come up with their unique advertising campaigns. This time, to promote the message of Social Distancing, they have separated their golden arches in the logo. McDonald's was also among the fastest to launch contact less delivery with the campaign #DeliveringHappinessSafely to boost their online sales.


9. Walmart

 You’ve probably heard about 'happy hours' but did you know about 'early hours'? Walmart has come up with this unique initiative and will be opening its doors an hour early, once a week, exclusively for shoppers over the age of 60. This was done to avoid crowded situations in their stores, especially for the elderly since they’re most vulnerable to the virus. Many local stores across the world have followed suit and started similar initiatives.


8. Cure.Fit

Gyms across the country have shut down on government orders to prevent the spread of the virus. As people are opting for work from home, the importance of being ‘online’ is also growing. The fitness vertical under Cure.Fit, called Cult.Fit, announced that while its centres will remain shut, its going online with Cult.live. It’s an online training session on the Cult.Fit app that allows people to join workouts and Yoga classes from the comfort of their homes. This facility is available on all seven days of the week and provides real-time feedback with an energy meter that tracks your workout. Some sessions are taken by celebrities like Mary Kom, Mandira Bedi, Vijender Singh, Yasmin Karachiwala and many more.


7. PVR Cinemas

PVR, the largest theatre chain in India, is looking at seat distancing in its halls: an out of the box way to ensure that audiences feel safe returning to the movies after the lockdown is over. Seat distancing mandates a one-seat gap between two people who book seats together.


6. Pornhub

Pornhub is offering free one-month access to its Premium content across all the countries which are on lockdown due to COVID-19, displaying an excellent example of its Freebie Marketing Strategies. Pornhub saw a 95% rise in traffic after the lockdown was imposed.


5. Dove

Dove, is once again, winning hearts with the simplicity of its new campaign, 'Courage is Beautiful'. It gives a message of gratitude towards the health care workers tirelessly working on the front lines to help treat COVID-19 patients. The brand is also donating $2 million to humanitarian aid organisation Direct Relief to help get personal protective equipment (PPE), ventilators, and medicine to health care workers.


4. Burger King

With fast food restaurants closed due to COVID-19, Burger King, France, is helping its users to make their own burgers at home. It started the campaign with the name #QuarantineWhooper which shows a poster of neatly organised, shop-bought ingredients that fans can use to imitate BK’s Whopper at home. Additionally, the company shared recipes for “quarantine” versions of other popular items, such as its fish sandwich and steakhouse burger.


3. Tinder

While people are being denied stepping out of their homes, Tinder has made its passport feature, free which allows users to find their quarantine buddies. This feature enables users to search by city or drop a pin anywhere on the map to start swiping and virtually transport themselves out of self-quarantine.


2. Reliance Jio