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Unique Features

Unique Features of IMT Hyderabad’s PGDM Curricula Management Orientation Program

The first semester of the first year starts with the Management Orientation Program. The objective of this two week program is to prepare the students, who come from very diverse backgrounds, for the common experience of the program at the institute. It aims to provide an opportunity to the students to get introduced to their learning teammates and to start them on a shared academic platform by addressing individual areas they may need to strengthen. The program also initiates classes and workshops to cover material that would set the tone for learning in the program.

The program which is mostly delivered by the faculty members of IMT Hyderabad, introduces the students to the philosophy and history of business; the principles of management that have general applicability to all types of organizations or groups; functional areas of management; the world of statistics and its applications in business; the framework for preparation and presentation of financial statements and the meaning as well as consequence of accounting policy choices; concepts and frameworks used in economic analysis; use of Information Technology in management; case methodology, usage of cases in management education, case discussion and analysis; and importance of business communication.

The program also has workshops on leadership and on creativity and innovation. The leadership workshop seeks to orient the students to the importance of people skills for effective leaders. The sessions provide an overview of leadership competencies and help students visualize how they can develop these competencies during the entire PGDM program. The module also seeks to create an environment conducive to thinking creatively and learning in groups. The objective of the creativity and innovation workshop is to unwind and unleash the creativity in students. Participation in several experiential outbound activities help the students interact and work in teams. The orientation program has a well-defined assessment and feedback system and carries two credits.

Business Orientation Program

The second semester of the first year starts with the Business Orientation Program. This two weeks program involves series of lectures by business leaders.

The program aims to make the students aware of business environments in different sectors, industries and managerial contexts. The presentations by the CEOs and other top management professionals from different sectors would provide unparalleled insight and expertise on the key issues that will shape the global and regional business environment in India. Such knowledge combined with the functional knowledge which the students would gain through their regular courses will help them in identifying their areas of interest for their projects, Internship program and electives. This program also provides the students and the institute with a platform to interact and network with business thought leaders.

The program is well integrated into the curriculum. The students are provided with relevant reading materials prior to the sessions to help them derive maximum benefit from the lectures and interactions. The students are also given assignments as a follow up of each session. The students would then work in teams and make a written and/or oral presentation of their assignments to faculty members. The orientation program has a well-defined assessment and feedback system and carries two credits.

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