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The IMT system is a philosophy of education built on the belief that our students are responsible adults who come here recognizing the intrinsic rewards of the education they receive. It’s an approach to learning that gives our students the freedom to delve deeply into areas of inquiry stimulated by intellectual curiosity and the desire to learn. The emphasis is on critical thinking. Our learning processes are student centric and we aim to develop our students into responsible, innovative leaders with a global mindset and holistic perspective. Industry linkage, experiential learning, project based learning, discussion based classes characterize the learning processes.

We Believe In:

  1. Self-awareness and self-reflection
  2. Personal integrity and social responsibility
  3. Having a global mindset
  4. Moving from a ‘Knowing’ mode to the ‘Doing’ mode
  5. Innovating for better lives, better organizations and better world

We aim to train knowledgeable, principled, skilled, and innovative leaders. We seek to create responsible citizens who understand and implement sustainable business initiatives.

IMT Oath
As an IMTian and a global citizen,
I will lead with integrity
I will manage with good faith
I will uphold national interest in all that I do
I will not lie, cheat or steal nor tolerate those who do
I will uphold the letter and the spirit of the law of the land
I will strive to uphold the ethical values of business and society
I will act with justice to all
I will be honest about the risks we face
I will invest in myself and my profession
I will take responsibility for my actions
I will place the team I work with before myself
I will try and provide equal opportunity to all those around me
I will strive to create sustainable economic, social, and environmental prosperity worldwide
I take this oath freely and upon my honor

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