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15a3hp603-mukesh-v-sudarshanJoie de vivre – Cheerful enjoyment of life.

This was or is the word that rings in my mind when I think of the exchange program that I underwent. I got a wonderful opportunity to learn new subjects and understand a whole new culture in a very beautiful city. Adjusting and adapting my mind and body to all the changes and shocks that I received will remain with me forever. I urge all our colleagues to make use of this chance and get the best out of it. As Jimmy Walker rightly says “It was a good experience”.

Mukhesh V Sudarshan,
Exchange student,
Audencia Business School, 2016

15a3hp612-avani-lohiyaI got to spend my semester abroad at University of San Diego, California. Student exchange introduced me to a country no holiday or gap year could. I didn’t visit San Diego, I lived San Diego. An exchange not only gives you four months of a new culture, language, and country it gives you a lifetime of opportunity.

I’ve gained information, experience, knowledge, confidence and self-dependence. It was a semester where I learned to put myself into unknown environments and challenged myself to learn and adapt.  I completed my semester learning new marketing techniques, from doing a live project with Leo Schachter, to making infomercials and infographics. I also got a chance to get involved in new student clubs and make connections.I learnt that while the familiar is comfortable, there is magic in the unknown and the opportunities it throws at us.

Avani Lohiya,
Exchange student,
University of California – San Diego, USA, 2016

15a2hp420-anupamThis was the best experience of my life. The people I met as well as the concepts I learned in class were amazing. I did not think it possible, but the knowledge acquired there is useful back in India as well. The college stays up to date with the latest international trends.

Anupam Beohar, 
Exchange student,
Korea University Business School, Seoul, South Korea, 2016


15a1hp074-siddharth-sharmaThe student exchange program provided me with a platform to explore 20 countries which made me adapt to disparate cultures and learn new things which I would never have thought of doing. The courses offered, such as Intercultural Marketing Communication and Negotiation, Strategy for Digital Business and Nonprofit Economics provided insights about some world business practices. I would highly recommend every student to enroll in an exchange program if given a chance, since it can be a life changing, enriching experience.

Siddharth Sharma,
Exchange student,
ICHEC Brussels Management School, Belgium, 2016

Akshita Jaiswal

“This Exchange gave us a chance to experience a different method of education, which to be honest is fun. I recommend everyone to get on this if given a chance. It will enrich you.”

Akshita Jiaswal,
Exchange Student
Normandie Business School, 2015


Sumeet Gupte“This student exchange not only taught us the subjects we wanted to learn, it taught us to value things, like a simple ready hot meal, we take for granted. It taught us the importance of adaptability, how important it is to adjust to new and unknown surroundings, to make the best of every situation which is thrown at you and in face of all the problems you might or might not face to just enjoy! “

Sumeet Gupte,
Exchange Student
Normandie Business School, 2015

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