Republic Day Celebrations

Hyderabad, 26th January, 2019: Institute of Management Technology, Hyderabad marked the 70th Republic Day celebration with all its solemnity and grandeur. The day began with a flag hoisting ceremony by Dr. Satish Ailawadi, Director, IMT Hyderbad, which was accompanied by a speech and the national anthem.

“Patriotism is voluntary. It is a feeling of loyalty and allegiance that is the result of knowledge and belief.” With these words of Jesse Ventura, the Director ended his speech and flagged off the grand event.

The students took pride in glorifying and celebrating the spirit of unity. One of the spectacles of the day was when the amphitheatre echoed with patriotic fervour as the students drew the scenes of Republic Day celebrations, sang patriotic songs and even wore tricoloured clothes to mark the occasion.

The event was organized by Antragna, the cultural club of IMT Hyderabad where the musical club Dhwani performed Vande Mataram, which reverberated in the surroundings. It was followed by a beautiful dance performance by team Dhanak. The melodious music and graceful movements of the dancers were spellbinding. At last everyone’s favourite Navrang, the drama team performed a brilliant act on societal and cultural challenges faced by India.

On the side-lines of Republic Day, Altius the sports club of IMT-H conducted friendly matches of cricket, football, volleyball and basketball between the senior and the junior teams. This tradition builds up a sense of unity and teamwork in the future managers. The ground reverberated with patriotic fervour and enthusiasm.

The day ended on an ecstatic note soaring with patriotic feelings amidst the ambience of IMT Hyderabad. The ceremony once again showcased the diverse culture inhibiting in the Institution and the smiles depicted a bonding and synergy among the students. In the end, the crowd dispersed with the image of fluttering colours in their mind and a ray of hope that will enlighten this country and the people with knowledge and wisdom.

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