Opuskriya Operations Club IMT Hyderabad

  • Opuskriya is the operations club of IMT Hyderabad, ‘Opus’ in Latin means work, or the art of doing business and ‘kriya’ in Sanskrit means effort. The vision of the club is to serve as a platform for student activities so as to educate them in Operations Management and help them generate ideas in this facet, which can be converted into future business prospects.
  • Right from its inception, Opuskriya has always been one of the most happening clubs of IMT-H by conducting various events and competitions. The association of the club with the students begins with its effective induction process where the students are supposed to go through 3 rounds of the procedure. The first round being an online quiz contest named Rack Your Brains, then comes the second round of analysing a problem statement followed by Personal Interview.
  • Once the students are selected, they are assigned different cohorts based on their competencies for the effective functioning of the club. The first internal event that has been conducted every year in the campus is the Beer Simulation Game. This is an online Supply Chain Management simulation game where in 4 teams would be assigned 4 different roles in the supply chain. The team which would be relatively the best manager of the respective role would be declared as the winner.

With the inception of Impelz, the first of its kind National Level Management Fest of IMT Hyderabad, Opuskriya grew incredible heights by introducing National level events – Synthesis and Anukaran

  • Synthesis (Case study competition):

Synthesis involves participants from various B schools to face real time business situations and cases of a renowned company which requires them to think like mavens and give innovative and effective solutions.

  • Anukaran (Simulation game):

In this simulation game, participants will have exposure to a coordinating and managing a supply chain which are typical in real life situations. This game will test the acumen of participants in operations and supply chain domain to the fullest.

All in all, with all the events and activities, Opuskriya creates a wonderful platform for learning to all the students irrespective of their specialisation.