Leadership Series – Mr. Avinash Saurabh, co-founder of Zoojoo.BE

7th July, 2017: IMT Hyderabad had invited Mr. Avinash Saurabh, co-founder of Zoojoo.BE, a corporate health and wellness start-up, to give his valuable insights to its students on July 7, 2017.

Mr. Avinash had completed his B.Tech from Sikkim Manipal University in 2007. While pursuing his job, he realized that the purpose of education is to get a job, but what was the worth of the education that he had? To know this worth, he decided to take the brave decision of quitting his job.

He came up with his dream project, Zoojoo.BE, which got incubated in the prestigious IIM Bangalore incubation program. Within a matter of time, the start-up was funded with a million dollars from a reputed Venture Capital Firm.

Zoojoo.BE has a very unique mission to measurably improve the happiness in the world. For this purpose, it focusses on inculcating within people habits that have a positive effect on happiness. One healthy habit is measured by one unit of happiness.

Mr. Avinash mentioned that guilt motivates people to do well at times, which is not too appropriate. Instead, a significant change in daily habits is a key to happiness, which is sadly lacking among the people. Zoojoo.BE helps people to be more productive, energetic, less stressed and healthier. Zoojoo.BE has over 2.2 lakh employees across 7 countries.

Mr. Avinash focused on guiding the students to build a start-up. He called three students with start-up ideas on stage, and asked them to share it. The students came up with some really great ideas related to improving the learning experience in Schools, Career Guidance for Students and a unique Food start-up focusing upon displaying the number of calories according to the intake, to help people control their diet. All three students were then taken through a value proposition canvas, and were asked to identify the customer, evaluate the ‘pain’ and the ‘gain’ of the customer, followed by ‘pain-relievers’ and ‘value mapping’.

Mr. Avinash went on to say that identifying the customer and understanding why they are going to buy the potential product is very essential in a start-up. He also emphasized on customer analysis, saying that it is far more important than competitor analysis. He also mentioned that validating all the assumptions made is very essential, and this can be best done by interacting with the customers. He then went on to explain how to acquire and retain customers, by explaining concepts like ‘product market fit’, ‘go to market fit’ and ‘business model fit’.

Finally, Mr. Avinash talked about facing one’s fears through self-awareness. Recursive improvement is the key to success, and this can happen through self-awareness and contemplation. The event ended with a vote of thanks as well as presentation of a token of appreciation to Mr. Avinash by IMT-H’s students. Thanks to Mr. Avinash’s speech, all the students were extremely motivated by the insights shared, and got a good depth of knowledge regarding starting a new venture of their own.

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