Leadership for Effective Team Management

Institute of Management Technology (IMT), consistently ranked among the top Indian B-schools, is committed to its vision of providing world-class management education through its academic programs and various intellectual pursuits. IMT has been continuously striving for excellence in teaching, research and industrial training.

The institute has been conducting Management Development and Training Programs for leading private and public sector organizations. These programs are designed and executed to help practicing managers to strengthen their knowledge and skills in functional areas of management and information technology by focusing on the twin objectives of conceptual learning and skill development.

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Leadership continues to be relevant for world-class organizations, academic researchers, as well as laymen discussions. We have developed an in-depth understanding of leadership based on studies over few thousands of years. Today, there are numerous definitions and diverse approaches to understanding leadership. However, these learnings have largely not translated into application of leadership in workplace.

This workshop is hands-on and application oriented. This workshop is designed for leaders who want to successfully manage their team of direct reports. It will be very useful for leaders who direct and monitor a team of diverse individuals to achieve organizational goals.


The programme aims to

  • Impart relevant knowledge about leading teams to participating leaders.
  • Develop necessary understanding and skills to participating leaders for behaving appropriately with their team members.
  • Provide feedback to participating leaders about their own leadership style.
  • Support participating leaders in preparing developmental plan for improving their leadership.
  • Contribute towards enhancing team effectiveness through improved leadership of participating leaders.


This is an application oriented leadership workshop. This workshop will be relevant for all levels of leaders / managers who have a team of people directly reporting to them. It is also open for all functional areas across industry sectors.


  • Clarifying popular myths about leadership, leadership styles, and managing teams.
  • Understanding leadership and leadership styles.
  • Appreciating the different leadership styles and relevance of each style.
  • Understanding aspects of individuals which are relevant for leadership in a team situation.
  • A detailed report about your usage of different leadership styles.


On successful completion of the workshop the participants would be awarded a participation certificate.


Nominations can be mailed to apurva.sanaria@imthyderabad.edu.in indicating participant’s brief profile mentioning Name, Organisation, Designation, and Department, age, Qualification, Experience details and the present functional role.


The registration fee is Rs. 30,000 + 18% GST per participant. The fee includes cost of training, course material, stay, and food. Participant fee may be paid on line. (For any other mode of payment – DD/ Cheque may be sent to our mailing address. https://www.imthyderabad.edu.in/management-development-programmemdp/ )

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