leaders speak

Leaders Speak

Date Name Designation Company Purpose of visit/Topic
29-Apr-2020 Mr. Sharad Malhotra President NIPSEA GROUP (Nippon Paints India)
01-Jul-2020 Mr. Sandip Satapathy Head of Supply Chain Management - Wire Division TATA Steel Supply Chain Complexities
06-Aug-2020 Mr. Sridhar Venkatesh Managing Director GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd What Makes You to be a Leader?
14-Aug-2020 Mr. Aseem Purohit VP of sales and marketing Odessa Rising to the leadership challenge: Lessons learned in the financial software industry
22-Aug-2020 Ms. Garima srivastava HR Director -Talent & Competency Management Volvo Group , Japan New Age Leaders
24-Aug-2020 Mr. Naveen kumar Group Head Care Ratings Ltd Credit Rating Methodology
28-Aug-2020 Mr. Venkata Sudhakar Nagandla Sr. Director-Global infrastructure CDK Global (India) Private Limited Campus to Corporate
04-Sep-2020 Mr. Daniel Henry Commercial Director for Asia Pacific Region GlaxoSmithKline Australia Leadership Challenges in the New Normal
26-Sep-2020 Mr. Sanjay Kumar Head - Human Resource L&T Metro Rail Hyderabad. Practitioner sesion-Recruitment –Sources and methods of recruitment, Recruitment Yield Pyramid and effectiveness of recruitment.
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