IMT Hyderabad_EEC MDP Brochure_Final HR for Flip Book

** Note: • EDPs can also be customized as per the requirements of the clients. • Executive Education Alumni: The participants of the IMT Hyderabad’s EDPs will become a member of IMT Executive Education Alumni Network. • Venue can be at MDP centre, IMT Hyderabad campus or premises provided by the client. 20 Managing Sales & Marketing and Business Projects & Program based on PMBOK, PMI Framework Dr. D.P.Ghosh 3 Days BUSINESS ANALYTICS PROGRAM 21 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Algorithm using Python / R Dr. Mahesh Ramalingam 3 Days 22 Data Visualization using Tableau Dr. Mahesh Ramalingam 2 Days 23 Data Science Using R Dr. Dastidar 2 Days 24 Text Analytics using SAS Miner Dr. Dastidar 2 Days 25 HR Analytics Dr. B. Pavan Kumar 2 Days 26 BIGDATA & Hadoop: Basics & Applications Dr. Preeti Sharma 3 Days 27 Web Mining Dr. Dastidar 3 Days 28 CRM Analytics Dr. Preeti Sharma 3 Days 29 Decision Tree Modelling Dr. Dastidar 3 Days GENERAL MANAGEMENT PROGRAMS 30 Managing Strategic Networks For Business Growth Dr. Debadutta K Panda 2 Days 31 Performance Coaching & Subordinate Development Dr. Debadutta K Panda 2 Days 32 Business Communications Dr Tulika 3 Days 33 Enhancement of Sales through Proficiency Mapping Dr. Debadutta K Panda 3 Days OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT PROGRAMS 34 Supply Chain Analytics Dr Sourabh Bhattacharya 3 Days 35 The Science of Operations Management Dr. Kalyana C Chejarla 4 Days 36 Total Quality Management Dr. Vinay Kumar Kalakbandi 3 Days EXECUTIVE EDUCATION & CONSULTING BROCHURE 07

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