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Faculty Achievements and significant research work • Prof.Arun kumar Biswal, Mamata Jenaamani & Sri krishna Kumar, published a paper titled “Warehouse efficiency improvement using RFID in a humanitarian supply chain: Implications for Indian food security system”, Transportation Research Part –E. • Prof.Rambalak Yadav, MS Balaji, Charles Jebarajakirthy, published a paper titled “How psychological and contextual factors contribute to travellers’ propensity to choose green hotels”, International Journal of Hospitality Management. • Prof.Vinay Kumar Kalakbandi, published a paper titled “Managing the misbehaving retailer under demand and uncertainty and imperfect information”, European Journal of Operational Research. • Prof. Chakrapani Chaturvedula, NP Bang, S Kumar, published a paper titled “Price Manipulation, Front Running and Bulk Trades Evidence from India”, Emerging Markets Review. • Prof. Debadutta Kumar Panda, published a paper titled “Competitive dynamics in not-for-profit organizations: evidence from India”, Asia Pacific Journal of Management. • Power, J.L, Brotheridge, C.M, Blenkinsopp, J., Bowes- Sperry, L,Bozionelos,N., Buzády,Z. , Chuang,A., Drnevich,D, Garzon-Vico,A, Leighton,C.,Madero, S.M., Mak,W., Romina Mathew, Monserrat,S.I, Mujtaba,B.G, Olivas- Lujan,M.R.,Polycroniou,P, Sprigg,C.A, Axtell,C, Holman,D, Ruiz-Gutiérrez,J.A, Nnedumm, A. U. O. published a paper titled “Acceptability of workplace bullying: A comparative study on six continents”, Journal of Business Research. • Prof. Nitin Gupta, published a paper titled “The Impact of Globalization on consumer acculturation- A Study of urban, educated, middle class Indian consumers”, Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics. • Prof. Nikhil Rastogi, published a paper titled V.N. Reddy and Kiran Kumar Kotha, “Order Imbalance and returns: Evidence of Lead-Lag relationship” ICFAI Journal of Financial Risk Management. • Prof. Steven Raj Padakandla published a paper titled “Climate sensitivity of rice yields: An agro climatic zone analysis in the undivided state of Andhra Pradesh, India “Journal of Public Affairs. • Prof. Avishek Bhandari & BandiKamaiah, published a paper titled “Long Memory and Fractality Among Global Equity Markets: a Multivariate Wavelet Approach Journal of Quantitative Economics. • Prof. Manoj Das, Manish Gupta & Musarrat Shaheen published a paper titled “Engaging Employees for Quality of Life: Mediation by Psychological capital”, The Service Industries Journal. • Prof. Sarath Babu A, published a paper titled “Testing for Random Walk Behaviour in Indian Bond Market”, in “Theoretical Economic Letters. • Prof.Sourabh Bhattacharya published a paper titled “Evaluating Manufacturer’s Wholesale Price Policy Under Order Postponement With Buyback Option”, International Journal of Strategic Decision Sciences. • Prof. Sriharsha Reddy, published a paper titled “Predictors of Microcredit Default in Indian Self-Help Groups”, Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics. • “A Study on defaults a in SGH-Bank Linkage program in Andhra Pradesh for NABARD Faculty Team: Prof.( Dr). Debadutta Kumar Panda, Prof. (Dr). Sriharsha Reddy & Prof. (Dr). Shabnam Priyadarshini • A study on the Design and Implementation of Activity Based Costing at ACG Capsules Pvt Ltd. Faculty Team: Prof. (Dr). Sriharsha Reddy, Prof. Kalyan Chejarla and Prof. (Dr). Debadutta Kumar Panda. INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY HYDERABAD 22

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