Media Relations Committee

The MRC or the media relations committee of IMT-Hyderabad is the committee responsible for communicating news and other happenings of the college to the outside world. Colloquially known as the “face of IMT-H”, the committee regularly publishes content and co-ordinates important campus activities through 6 different teams.

The 6 different cohorts of Media Relations Committee and their role are:

Admissions: Caters to assisting the college’s admissions department by helping prospective students gain awareness and interest towards joining IMT-H. They also take care of answering queries and addressing issues related to IMT-H.

Blog: The official writers’ club of IMT-H. Their contribution comes from showcasing the events that happen within or outside the campus through creative and concise articles. The team comprises of talented writers experienced in corporate writing and digital marketing.

Social-Media: The social-media team is in charge of all the social media correspondences of our college and helps bolster the online presence of IMT-H. They also take a very active part in our flagship events and give us live updates of all key happenings of the events.

Design: The design team ensures that all posters that have been shared through the official social media handles of our college are professionally and aesthetically designed. This team also plays a major role in designing the official newsletter of IMT-H

Photography: The photography team captures the essence of fun, excitement and education in all the official events of IMT-H. Their photography prowess and dexterity aid them in clicking pictures of the college that are a class apart.

Press-Release: The press release team ensures that our college has a rich image in the eyes of the public by sharing key stories and expert interviews in major newspapers. The members of this team are connoisseurs in conveying key information as concise as possible.

Media Relation Committee
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