Alumni Relations Committee

The Alumni Relations Committee of IMT Hyderabad strives hard towards its endeavor of building a bridge between the alumni and the institution.
Being true to the IMT family philosophy, - “One Institution, one brand”, the members of the IMT Hyderabad committee works in tandem with their respective counterparts: IMT Ghaziabad, Nagpur, and Dubai campus to bring unity and a sense of understanding towards our institution’s philosophy.
We, at ARC, provides the alumni an opportunity to engage with the institution and be up to date with the current and upcoming activities on campus. It also helps them network with the alumni of different batches during the City Chapter meets and current batches that are yet to follow in their footsteps and enter the corporate world.

Key Initiatives

Various events are organized by the committee to not just make alumni reminisce their past campus experiences but also to develop a strong and everlasting association. Few of our recent initiatives were:

1. Alumni Walk the Talk: Coming back to the Alma mater and speaking about the transition into the corporate world was the core theme of this web series available on Facebook.

2. Campus Drive series: The initiative was to develop a better connect and capture alumni recruiter’s insight on campus life and the current batch.

3. Photography Workshop by Prudhvi Chowdary: Our alumni and an award-winning photographer, Mr Prudhvi Chowdary conducted a workshop for the enthusiastic shutterbugs of the campus; sharing his story through the kaleidoscopic tale and teaching us how he began his tryst with photography at IMT Hyderabad to the award-winning work he does now.

4. Marketing Seminar by Sandeep Reddy: Our alumni who is an innovator and entrepreneur, Mr. Sandeep Reddy Anumula, held an immersive marketing presentation to IMT students.

5. Mentorship Program: The intended benefits of this program are one-on-one guidance as well as learning experience through Interaction with alumni experts across the industry. An excellent platform for the current and upcoming batch to develop their networking skills.

6. CV Screening: An amazing opportunity for the current and upcoming batches to get their resume’s screened before the placement process by alumni experts, present across all sectors. This will help them to live up to the expectations of the corporate world.

7. Chapter Meets: For the first time ever, a combined all India IMT alumni meet will be organized in 7 different cities. Alumni from all 4 campuses will walk down the memory lane together.

Alumni Relations Committee
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