Tassavur translates into imagination was formed in 2018 with an aim to provide everyone a platform to tap into their creative pools and express their individuality heartfully.

How we aim to fulfil our objective-

Tassavur aims at creating a warm environment through our events and activities to involve and evolve with them. We help them channel their ideas and visualizations into creative and tangible outcomes which are a representation of their true selves. It is not just limited to art but also photography, face painting, poetry and more!

Our Events-

  • Friendship Day: An event where you use originality to express love for every pal that your pals have given you.
  • Who Did It Better: We are the creativity club but other clubs also show their creative best too? So, we held an online poll to determine the most creative event around the campus.
  • Live sketching: Bring forth the artist within you and sketch to your heart's content.
  • Calligraphy Workshop: For all those MBA graduates that wanted to become doctors, we give the chance to come back to this field by improving your handwriting skills.
  • Photo walk: Showcase your individuality and uniqueness by innovatively using the props to highlight yourself.
  • Independence Day: An event where you have the freedom to design your T-shirt with your own hands and any colours or designs you want.
  • Photography Workshop: For all the photography enthusiasts who have the zeal but not the time to go and learn the skills we bring you an expert to help you assimilate.
  • Riveria: A full-fledged opportunity to show your painting skills on paper with a given theme.
  • Face-Off: We bring you an event where you can go all out and paint. Since we need to save paper, you paint on the canvas known as your face.
  • Nazaria: A ray is all you need to brighten up your world. Enter a dark room with a single light source and click away!
  • Product Design Workshop: In a quest of developing innovation and creativity, we have conducted a workshop on Product Design with the help of Kilkaari and Co. to encourage the participants to create a product that solves daily life problems. It opened a new dimension of thought process where creativity was used to solve menial problems around us.

Links to Instagram and Facebook pages-

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/tassavurimthyd/

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/TassavurIMTHyd/

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