Since its inception, Synergy- The HR Club of IMT Hyderabad has always stood out and maintained its uniqueness by organizing illustrious and fun-filled activities, with a major focus on spreading awareness about Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour amongst students. The club is all about bringing the students together to unite and learn with the help of engrossing activities.

1. Professor’s day

  • A day dedicated to professors to celebrate them and to express gratitude for their efforts and devotion, through fun-filled activities.

2. IHL- C Fair Play Award

  • As part of annual IHL CRICKET week, Synergy evaluates each team and its players based on various aspects so as to uphold the gracefulness of the game.

3. Pandora’s Box 2.0

  • The Flagship event of the club, where all students participated in exciting games to strategize, demystify and conquer the realms of HR.

4. Trailblazers

  • An annual event conducted in association with ‘More Than HR Global’ where learned speakers from diverse backgrounds share their inspiring experiences. This year’s topic being “Lessons in Leadership through Sports


At Impelz 5.0, LEAD HR constituted of 2 events:

  • The minor event “Corporate Roadies” rightly tested the leadership qualities, trust, and teamwork of the participants.
  • The major event “Corporatum Litigo” saw unusual hiring of employees. The participants strategically formed their teams by hiring employees through an auction in the allocated budget. But this was not all, the teams had to prove their knowledge through an intense HR quiz round which decided the final winner.

6. Panel Discussions

  • Focus Research Groups of IMT Hyderabad in sync with Synergy organized two panel discussions themed “Contemporary Challenges in Pharma and Healthcare Sector”. The session has benefited the students and enhanced their knowledge holistically.


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