The E-Cell of IMT Hyderabad aims to promote entrepreneurial spirit by conducting various events and activities which develop innovative skills of students and fostering entrepreneurial activities inside the campus and taking the roots outside.


Food Fiesta

  • Annual Food Festival of IMT Hyderabad
  • A themed event
  • Students set up their own stalls and sell food delicacies of their choice
  • Over 50 participants

Pitch Up

  • The grand start-up podium
  • B-Plan competition
  • Prospective entrepreneurs share ingenious ideas
  • Participants from premier colleges of the country


  • Storytelling platform
  • Entrepreneurs share their inspiring stories
  • Stories of tenacity and passion
  • An Interactive session


  • Entrepreneurial workshop in association with Tie (The Indus Entrepreneurs)
  • Mentorship and education in the arena of entrepreneurship
  • Platform to learn and pitch inventive ideas
  • Real life experience of start-up modelling


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