We aim to bring people together and explore the various aspects of marketing that make one industry-fit, with unique and engaging initiatives.

About the Club:

Mercatus Mantra believes that marketing concepts can be applied to practical and innovative events and ideas and takes on year-round initiatives that make overall learning of concepts such as negotiation, branding, consumer learning, STP, marketing strategy, etc. accessible, innovative and fun!

What do we intend to achieve?

  • Provide opportunities for students to participate in and organise events that are not only marketing-centric but are ideal for self-development and personal branding.
  • Higher visibility for IMT-H, by encouraging peer participation in inter-college competitions.
  • Keep students updated on current news and marketing trends with online campaigns and an annual Marketing magazine.

Flagship Event: Buzzaar

The entire experience serves as a learning curve for both club members as well as participants. From pitching to sponsors, procuring items on the inventory for offline decor at best prices, brainstorming, sitting down to meet deadlines; all simulated real- time business challenges are presented to the organisers. On the other hand, the participants are a part of a live marketplace, where they procure, sell and market their products to fellow students exercising their knowledge of- branding, marketing communication, pricing strategy, targeting, etc.

Other Events and Initiatives

  • Market Surveys
  • Brandathon
  • Brandify
  • AdTract
  • The Riddler’s Anarchy
  • Mercazine (Annual Marketing Magazine)
Mercatus Mantra
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