Communication Wing

The Communication Wing is an amalgamation of the different skills that are needed to enhance one's communication. From writing to public speaking, we ensure that there is a fun aspect to effective interaction, as well as to eliminate the fear that people hold when it comes to communicating thoughts and ideas.


To build and improve effective communication and social skills & enhance the productivity and creative abilities of fellow IMT-ians by means of various innovative events, platforms and exposure.

What do we intend to achieve?

  • - Peer interaction and development through various opportunities and creative platforms such as Open Mic Nights, Mock GDs, Debates, etc.
  • - Higher visibility for IMT-H, by integrating platforms like Toastmasters.
  • - Creating a unique identity to showcase the emotive essence of our campus with the help of: Humans of IMT Hyderabad- an initiative with a vast reach.
  • - Accessible communication development through social media campaigns such as #WordoftheDay.


  • Open Mic Nights
  • Big Fight: Debate
  • Sound of Silence
  • Fuzzle
  • Verve
  • Rebuttal

Initiatives in the pipeline:

  • Toastmasters
  • Writing and other communication workshops
  • Foreign Language Certification Programs

Social Media Handles:


CommWing: -

Humans of IMT Hyderabad: -


Humans of IMT Hyderabad: -

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