To develop the spirit and attitude among students to explore experiential and innovative ways of learning the new-age business intricacies & strategies.


Athena is a student-driven club which consists of a team of extremely dedicated individuals who want to be instrumental in providing a platform for exploring the world of business for the student community. It collaborates with the corporates to bring live projects to our students, thus bridging the gap between academics & industry expectations. It also organises events all over the year that magnifies interests of students in the domain of strategy. A recent initiative is collaboration with one of the leading education platforms of the country - Kraftshala to provide live projects to the student community.

Events & Initiatives


Crazzino - Athena’s flagship event, tests the decision making skills of every participant while trying to keep emotions at bay. The games included were Poker, Teen Patti, Blackjack, 7 Up 7 Down, Red and Blue and Chuck a Luck. The theme for the last year’s event was - ‘Magic through Logic!, an inspiration from the famous movie series- ‘Harry Potter’.

IHL Fantasy League - IHL Fantasy League is a cricket based game which is analytical and logical in nature. It is organised by Athena in parallel with IHL a cricket league of IMT Hyderabad. Participants of IFL form a team of 12 players from pool of players who are part of IHL league. Athena maintains the scores of each and every participants who are part of IFL teams. The top three participants are declared as winners. It works on the similar concept of Dream 11.

Be-Trust - A fun game to discover how much your friend knows you. A game based on trust and understanding where one of the participants will be asked set of questions and the other should bet on the answer whether his/her partner has answered it right or wrong. Scores are awarded only if the answers are in sync.

Chakravyuh - The major event in Implez tests the ability to plan and strategize. Participants are given an opportunity to come up with a new product using the core competencies of basket of products given to them. Virtual money of 10 million is allocated to each of the teams and they are required to invest in their own company and the competitors companies. The team with highest ROI was announced as the winner. It is an Inter-College competitions. We School Mumbai were the winners of last year.

Ace The Space: A fun filled minor event of Implez testing knowledge, quick thinking capacity and ability to connect the dots to find the bigger picture. The first round comprised of completing a maze and the second round was a word puzzle.


Live Projects & Case solving sessions in collaboration with Kraftshala.

Wall Magazine – The initiative is aimed to ensure that the most strategically important news items, opinionated articles, heated issues across the globe reaches everyone in the campus. During morning cup of coffee or evening snacks, people get a glance and would know it all.

#WhatsTheirStrategy – It is an exclusive online series, which will include handpicked articles, opinions from thought leaders and the best of information related to strategy from across the world, covering plethora of fields and topics. Be it armed forces, politics, technology, marketing, finance, manufacturing, agriculture, entertainment, fashion etc, You name it and strategy has its roots in it. With this motive this online campaign was launched.

Meet The Team

Top Row (L-R) - Siddharth K, Anubhav Jaiswal, Shalini Shaw, Harshil Patel, Vijeth S, Pranay Jain

Middle Row(L-R) - Anush Kumar, Lavish Jain

Lowest Row(L-R) - Akshita Agarwal, Harsh Dhoot. Sakshi Mundhra, Sowmya Alur, Yash Shrivastava

Co-ordinators - Pranay Jain & Sowmya Alur

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