A PGDM programme doesn't stop at the classroom, especially when the Campus is as diverse as ours. Cultures galore here in the population of 500 and it remains the untold element of IMT Hyderabad. With the existence of such diversity, there is a perennial need to channel the celebration of varied cultures and represent each of our identities. That's where we step in, Antragna - the cultural club of IMT Hyderabad is all about bringing out the latent cultural expression inside every Indian. Apart from the celebration of all the major festivals, Antragna's primary objective is to help splash cultural creativity in various forms and help our fellow students not lose touch with their cultural expression. From back-end preparations to performing arts; From celebrating festivals to discovering new elements of culture; Antragna stands hand-in-hand with the IMT family and facilitates their understanding of all the diverse cultural elements. We try to ignite the cultural thirst within everyone and aim to see all blaze supreme! In short, we Unleash the Fire Within!

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