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A journey like no other- Summer Exchange Program

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We’re blessed to encounter various opportunities at various phases in our life, whether we realize it or simply pass by it. However, the experience we derive out of an opportunity is what makes all the difference.

In a globalized world like ours today, it’s imperative that young professionals like ourselves, entering the workforce are sensitized to the diversity that exists in our professional spaces. It’s crucial we mold ourselves into informed global citizens who garner experience and skills necessary to succeed in international and cross- cultural economies.
Along with focusing on ways to optimize our bandwidths, as an MBA graduate its vital that we focus on learning how to interact with people from other cultures and become well- equipped future leaders, able to address issues across borders.

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My semester at EM Normandie has taught me exactly this. I chose to pursue my PGDM from IMT Hyderabad, a key reason being the numerous opportunities the university provides. The International Student Exchange Program was one of those opportunities available at IMT that motivated me to apply. From a plethora of universities made available by the college, I inclined my preference to a university that helped me explore subjects that weren’t part of the curriculum pre-determined for most first year MBA students across the country. In this semester I was able to explore subjects like Logistics and Purchasing, Management Consulting, a pedagogic project on Agricultural Entrepreneurship, Event Management etc. which moved beyond the structure of the first-year PGDM course. I was able to explore these unique subjects whilst living and working with people from various parts of the globe and understand their outlook and perspective on the problem statements given to us. From discussing on topics like religious beliefs in different countries, changing role of women in the work place, to the importance of micro-financing in remote areas and ways to contribute.  The possibility to experience such a unique learning experience helped me attain an insight into the way other cultures propagate education and learning that forms the rationale of their citizens.

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Not only did my perception as a student develop through this journey, but also my perspective towards everyday life. We are blessed to live in a comfortable cushioned lifestyle with easy solutions to our everyday life in our country. However, the exchange experience pushed me right outside this comfort zone, to experience a life of living independently, being responsible as well as adjusting to a new environment.
The discomfort of having to not only acclimatize oneself to the climate but also to the culture, lifestyle, diversity and difference makes one resilient and shatters stereotypes engraved within our edified outlooks.
The barriers posed by factors like financial need, disabilities, sexual orientation, race and ethnicity are slowly fading in the world around us and an experience like this helped me discover the global opinion on these issues.
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This journey has been a life changing experience, from discovering hidden treasures around Europe to discovering a treasure trove of appreciation towards the unique opportunity provided to me. I carry forward all that I have learnt from this adventure in hopes of becoming not only a post graduate professional by the end of my impending second year at IMT, but also a globally sensitized citizen.
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Avantika Singh Deo
Class of 2020

Impelz 5.0: Day 2

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With the legacy of prestige, glory and magnificence, fabricated with hard work and professionalism, the day 1 of Impelz 2018 saw a plentitude of events unroll flair, creativity and vogue that was way beyond eminence. The day was a display of conviviality, innovation, ebullience, innovation, and comprehension. From Music, Arts, Dance to Marketing, Operations, Finance, Strategy and more, the fun and novelty was astonishing. The entire team was all prepared for Day 2 to offer another fun-filled productive day with stirring events. The last day of Impelz turned out to be the pinnacle of the fest and took the repute and elation and to a whole new level.

rk 1

Highlights of Day 2


Mercatus, the marketing club of IMT Hyderabad conducted its major event ‘Adtract’, a platform to display the perceptive in marketing. It was a two-round enthralling competition where participants presented a holistic IMC solution for Highway Delite App.

Winners: WE School, Mumbai

Runners-Up: SIMC, Pune

Vyapar Ka Punchnama

Finacea, the finance club of IMT Hyderabad hosted their minor event ‘Vyapar Ka Punchnama’. The event required a set of traits and skills to bargain and negotiate, and trade commodities based on real -life scenarios.

Winners: IMT Hyderabad

Corporate Litigo

The second round of Lead HR by Synergy, the HR Club of IMT Hyderabad was ‘Corporate Litigo’. It was an event that made participants bid for the best employee from the rest. The decision was taken based on the analysis of the ‘Big Five Personality Traits’.

Winners: Prin Welingkar Mumbai

Runners-Up: SIBM Hyderabad


Tassavur, the Creative House of IMT Hyderabad conducted ‘Nazariya’, a one-of-a-kind photography competition where participants use the power of darkness and different props to capture their imaginative perception in the form of a picture.

Winner: Anil Tanwar

rk 2

Suite Speculation

Prarambh, the E-Cell of IMT Hyderabad organized its major event ‘Suite Speculation’. It was an amazing opportunity for participants to learn the art of bidding and use the power of calculations to build a virtual hotel with amenities of their own choice, with a budget of 100 crores INR.

Winners: Team Blue Club

Runners-Up: Team Solitaire



It was an online photography competition organized by the Media Relations Committee of IMT Hyderabad. With enrapturing captures from premier colleges like IIM Calcutta, SIMC Pune, and BHU, this event surely was a successful affair.

Winner: Moupia Bhowmick (IMT Hyderabad)

Runner-Up: Vishaka Sonawane ( SIMC Pune)


“Drama lies in the extreme exaggeration of the feelings”

Antragna, the Cultural Club provided a podium for the display of creativity and highlighting the burning issues of the society with the subtle art of acting. The participants wooed the crowd with alluring expressions and classical acting skills.

Winners: IMT Hyderabad

Runners-Up: IBS Hyderabad



“Music blends differences. It has the power to break barriers, a power that controls human emotions”.

‘Alankaar’ was the singing competition hosted by Antragna, the Cultural Club. The event saw the power of music bring together captivating voices from different colleges and perform with great fervor.

Winners: Solo- SIBM Hyderabad

Duet- IMT Hyderabad

Group- IMT Hyderabad





Threeory Band

Threeory, a Progressive Rock Fusion Band and winner of the ‘Best Live Act’ award at the India Nightlife Convention and Awards performed at Impelz 5.0. The Band left everyone spellbound by the electrifying performance and their exemplary blend of Indian Classical and Western music.

rk 5


Impelz 5.0 ended with a breathtaking DJ night hosted by Deejay Dyk. The high voltage music was connecting with the spirited souls of the youth and crazy dance moves were the apex of the impassioned night. The DJ made everyone groove to his tunes and exhilarated the place in such a way that the end seemed to be befitting.


The following testimonials are proof of the success of Impelz 5.0:

“We always look forward to Impelz, to visit IMT Hyderabad. The event never disappoints. Everything here is so lively and goes very smoothly. We appreciate the management team for building such a great event.” – SIBM Hyderabad

“We’ve liked the idea of three events which was very unique and will try to imprint them in our management fest. The experience was tremendous and the hard work is reflected. Great work!” – SIMC Pune

“IMT Hyderabad students have always been the perfect hosts for events and the college provides enriching experiences with more managerial events being added every year. It grows grand every year.”- NMIMS Hyderabad


The two days of absolute teamwork and coordination framed a spectacle that was the perfect blend of culture, artistry, and knowledge. With overwhelming fun and the ultimate abode of festivity, Impelz 5.0 came to an amazing end.  Creative display of strategic, analytical and operational ideas left the audience impressed and inspired. The fervent wind of Impelz, blowing over the lush green campus left with a promise to return next year with more intensity and take everything with the storm of vision, grandeur, and zeal.

Special gratitude to all the sponsors who made sure that money was never an obstacle in the conduct of the event. Team Impelz also ensured that the deliverables lived up to the expectations of the sponsors. The management, organizing committee, and all the student volunteers made sure that everyone made everlasting memories during the mega event.

By :

Mohit Sharma

Batch of 2018-20

Impelz 5.0 : Day 1

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Working up for competitions, singing songs to the rhythms, grooving to the beats, running around for errands; we IMTians felt it in the air that it was that time of the year, where the world sleeps and we work as a team.  On December 21 and 22, 2019, Impels 5.0, the annual management fest of IMT Hyderabad was held, that left us all awe-struck.
With zeal and pride, we were all excited for the competitions and fun that the day had for us.


Starting off the day with an opening ceremony and lighting of the lamp, our mentors Ms. Tulika Sharma and Mr. Steven Raj inaugurated the event on a very positive note. The opening ceremony welcomed various colleges from all over India that participated in the most amazing event of IMT-H.


The student-driven college as IMT has witnessed a variety of activities and competitions organized by various clubs and committees. From arts to analytics, we made sure the event was versatile and open for all kind.

Pitch up, the major event of the E cell, Prarambh was organized to analyze the entrepreneurship skill set of the participants. VIT Chennai had the pleasure of the first prize, NMIMS Hyderabad as the runner up.


When the whole campus sought the attention of the very talented street-players who performed Nukkad Natak on various social issues, we all felt the need to change in the society somewhere.  Thanks to the Team Pahel- The CSR Club of IMT that organized this competition named Jagriti…and congratulations NMIMS Hyderabad for their stupendous performance, and for standing out as the best amongst all.


While the outdoors was beaming with high-spirited participants, the indoors witnessed a yet another new kind of experience.

Finacea- The finance club of IMT Hyderabad organized Prakshepan, that made participants juggle their heads over money and it’s the best utilization. With much brainstorming and the data given, the participants with the data given, provided with the best-evaluated ideas. Kudos to IBS Hyderabad for taking the first position, and NMIMS Hyderabad for being the second.


On the list, next was the Corporate Roadies organized by Team Synergy- The HR Club which divided this event into two levels.  Level 1 being the corporate roadies for day 1 and Level 2, Lead HR for day 2. The competition focused on the concept of team-spirit comprising of various activities.

From Classrooms to the auditorium to the amphitheater, the campus was filled with free-spirited participants, from various colleges with a competitive mood. The campus was brimming with smiles and enthusiasm.


Parallelly, Rebuttal, the debating event was creating its own hype among the participants. Organized by MacVon, the Communication Club in collaboration with Eloquence, the Public Speaking Club aimed at enhancing the managerial skills through the medium of public speaking.  The witty comebacks helped NMIMS Hyderabad to win the finals.


Some fun-brainy competition was on the list when Joker’s Conviction had the wits to persist. The challenge was to become the ace, by playing in the situation that could leave you ablaze. Implementing the concept of lean management, Opuskriya – The Operations Club of IMT-H had a successful event.
To pep up the much gala event as it was, Athena- The Strategy Club organized Ace the Maze attracted the crowd with decoding to refresh the audience.


Hosted by Insightix, Cogentix, an analytics event was a troubleshooter event that brought a pool of intelligent together to compete. IIM Nagpur took the credits of being the player here with their astounding work of research and solution, followed by SCMHRD Pune.


Complementing the aura of the Impelz was Brandathon organized by the marketing club of IMT-H. A crowd-pulling event that captivated everyone present on campus. From professors to visitors, to students, it was open for all to play the variety of games, that judged your knowledge about the brands and their marketing.


Adding colors to the much glorious decorations was Face Off, an event organized by Tassavur, the creative house of IMT-H. “Mystical creatures” being the theme, the participants painted the faces of their fellow-teammates to depict a meaningful and mesmerizing story.


The Media Relations Committee of IMT Hyderabad introduced Wits & Words which integrated the idea of both creative and technical writing, making it a blend of elements that complemented the huge participation.


And we know that it’s all not over without a lil’ hip-hop and jazz.

Handing over the mic to the College band- The Paradigm Shift for the blissful night. Lost in the melody and beats, the audience adored the mix of tracks sung. To a mix of tracks chosen by the band, the essence of the music bonded the crowd together with some bass.


Mudra- the annual dance competition held by Antragna, the cultural club at IMT, welcomed dancers from various college for this one raging event. To open themes and twirling feet, the audience enjoyed several performances for the night.
Hooting and cheering is a part of cultural nights, and we IMTians echoed enthusiasm till the setting of a moonlit night. With much art in the divine, Antragna also organized Amaya, the fashion show that left the audience star-struck in the rhythmic vibe. Walking proud with a passion for fashion, the participants gained the attention for their beauty and the crowd was blown away with an awesome performance. IMT Hyderabad, the winners of this grand show won the hearts of all.


Marking a marvelous day in the journal of IMT Hyderabad, we came towards the end of Day 1 of Impelz5.0. The excitement level doesn’t wear off here as there’s yet another eminent day tomorrow. There’s yet another day of exuberance and ecstasy awaiting. Let’s see what day 2 have in the box for us.

Background: (Lights off, Curtains closing)

Signing off.

Day 1, Impelz 2k18.


Janvhi Kewalramani

Batch of 2018-20

Open Mic- An ode to the Winter Night

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To a day full of warmth,

To an evening full of smiles,

To a team that pulled it off,

To the people who joined,

It was a wonderful time when you shared and I heard it all with a smile.

It was yet another day to my memory book,  when we all sang and made the event worth while.

On December 6, 2018, Eloquence organised Open Mic 7.0, with the theme “An ode to the winter night”,  where we all IMTians gathered together to vent it all out.  The life of a B-School where’s all too much sometimes,  we have got Open Mic evenings to our rescue that helps us unroll.  Entwined in words and stories,  the rhythm of the music helped us say goodbye to all the stress and blues.


Many students joined and shared their stories of childhood and some about the love for words too. There was no room for judgement in an event that we are sure is rooted to our hearts.  To a very pure venting out place,  where we were all cozy in the beats and outside, we were hugged by the cold breeze. Baring out our souls in form of poetry, shaayari, songs and what not,  Open Mic was open for all. It made way for all the loquacious selves backed up by the peppy talks and some music.


It was an evening where people spread out joys,  some supporting their friends,  some overcoming  their fears,  some rejoicing the moments and some taking a moment to gear.  It was all about web of stories that we all shared,  it was a time when we got engaged to phrases and lines. To yet another event that make us look forward to something amazing this life has to offer,  to make our mundanes even better.

Kudos to the Team Eloquence for spreading out warmth on this winter night.



Janvhi Kewalramani

Batch of 2018-20

Brandify 2.0

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Brandify 2.0 was organized by Mercatus Mantra- the marketing club of IMT Hyderabad on November 29, 2018. To a fun event on campus in which 15 teams participated with 3-4 team members per team.  The whole concept of this event revolved around how well you know a brand.  And yes, the excitement level was too high! It was a house full.


The marketing club stood up to their team’s expectations by making the event a lot about the idea of knowing how well a person can recognize the product and its brand while being blindfolded in the first round. The first round was named as 50 Shades of a brand, wherein each team was given five products to recognize, from food items to cosmetics, plethora of products was chosen, and the blindfolded team member had to recognize three of them to move forward to the second round. The more the identified products, more the chances of going to the second round. The first round created an aura of happy faces and challenging smirks.


The second round of the event – AdZap included the qualified teams.  Each team was given 15 minutes to prepare an ad skit in which they needed to include their respective branded products and present it as a fun-advertisement by enacting.

Every qualified team was given a span of 3 minutes to enact their ad and were judged on the criteria of how smoothly they included the brands in their ad as a story line.

This round engaged the whole audience and team.  The core team of Mercatus Mantra judged these themes based on their content.

The event was a huge success where the product and packaging knowledge of various teams and their advertising skills were analyzed.

brandify 2

Team Winners were the actual winners of the event followed by the Team Bajrang Dal as the runners-up.

The event ended with the prize distributions and smiles all around.

This mini-event organized by Mercatus Mantra added a whole lot of fun-element to make this routine B-School life happening, that too with a great learning!


Janvhi Kewalramani

(Batch 2018-20)




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A trailblazer is the one who blazes a trail to usher and edify others. He/She is the one who is a pathfinder and explores untraversed regions of knowledge to help others to see the gleam of innovation.


IMT Hyderabad, in association with “More Than HR Global” organized the HR convention- Trailblazers: “Learning from the Best” on 24th of November 2018. The event is the profusion of acclaimed personages with unparalleled prescience. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity for everyone to interact with people with glorious accomplishments and experience the realities of the world outside the walls of classrooms. The theme of the event was ‘Lessons In Leadership from Sports’, so all the eminent speakers had some mutuality with sports.

The promising event commenced with the lighting of lamp by Dr.Satish Ailawadi, Director of IMT Hyderabad and Mr Rajesh Kamath, co-founder of MTHR, followed by an oration by the Director in which he exuded light on the interconnection between leadership and sports, how the team is always more cardinal than individuals and the substance of empowerment in leadership.

The esteemed speakers for the event included the following:

  • Rohini Rau- India’s top woman sailor, Medical Doctor and Senior Medical Officer, TED Fellow, and Facilitator – Human Centered Design
  • Mr Dev Prasad, QA Head – Engineering Solutions at Robert Bosch and Author of Bestseller ‘Pitch It’
  • Mr Harimohan Pavuru, former Ranji Trophy player, Author of ‘50 Not Out’, Coach, Motivational Speaker and Workshop Facilitator
  • Meghana Gundlapally, Rhythmic Gymnast at Commonwealth Games for India
  • Mr Yogesh Maurya, Technical and Sporting Director-Fateh Hyderabad A.F.C, Premier India Partner, and Former Corporate Leader.
  • Mr Ramesh Nagapuri, Dronacharya awardee and coach to Indian champion athlete Dutee Chand


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A foreigner in his own country

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There once lived a man in the country of Realis, located in the seventh parallel dimension to our Earth. He was a fine man, in his 20s, and a dashing young bachelor. Everything was fine with him save for one fault. He was not really appreciated by his people because he was different. He was in fact more handsome and attractive than his peers, but in a world where everyone is ugly, the beautiful one is the black sheep. He wondered about his short-comings day and night. He wondered why the people around him do not really want to have anything to do with him personally and wanted to do something about it. He really wanted a few understanding people around him. He wanted to communicate with them but could not do so because he did not know their language very much. Even when he tried to speak their language, his peers laughed at him and asked him to stick to his own “weird tongue”. Resolute, he decided that some action must be taken.

So, he decided to try to win their favor by trying to help them out in their short-comings. But this only made them take advantage of him and use him for their own selfish needs. Was it fruitful? No. Because they only now know him as a helper, but they never wanted him to be their friend. He did not give up yet, because he decided to try something new by trying to talk to a lot of people and listen to their problems instead of solving it for them. His peers didn’t mind a person who is there to listen to their problems, but they never wanted to listen his. He even tried to find love but the lasses of Realis didn’t want to even stand close to him, fearing what the society would say when they are caught hanging out with a “weirdo”. Distraught, he decided to try one final method- become famous. He tried any means possible to become famous among the tribe ranging from the most idiotic self-deprecating actions to even taking up initiative to be their leader. But the people only laughed AT him instead of WITH him and did not take him seriously at all.


Realizing that they only wanted him for what he has, but not who he is, he was devastated and one day decided to take away his life. Before he could close the curtains of his life, a blue light shined nearby. A beautiful woman walked out of the light and said, “Come. We have a better place for you”. So, he went along with her to a place called Utopia– a place where everyone looked as beautiful as him, where they spoke his language and where the people could understand his disposition. He made amazing friends, had an amazing time and even married the woman who saved his life and had two children. He then realized, he was just in the wrong place all the time.

Have you come across situations in life where you are able to relate to the man described above? Then all you have to remember is that you are in the wrong place with the wrong people. All you have to do is find a place that can accept you, and for that, they need to resonate with you closely. People might say, “Meeting new people is important! It is a part of improving your diversity”. Sure, it can help you land a few contacts, sure it can help you be liked by many. But there are only a few people who will be able to fully understand you. And guess what? There is no easy way to it. You got to find them no matter what. Until then, enjoy your life around during your search, for if you do so, happy days are nearby.


Batch of 2018-2020

Periodos 6.0: Day 2

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With a new Sunday morning brimming with joy, IMT kick started the Day 2 of Periodos 6.0.

The students from various colleges participated in this event full of sportsmanship and pride. The semi-finals and finals were about to go down as the teams that have qualified were all set to fight for the ultimate glory. B-School life being hectic as it is, Periodos provided a quick get-away to all the participants with a much-needed break where they could let loose their fighting spirit and enjoy the art of relaxing in the rhythm of sports.DSC_3706

With Quarter finals, semi-finals and finals lined up as the various teams qualified for further rounds, Day 2 witnessed a renewed vigor among the finalists.
A batsman’s strike against a bowler’s ball, with a team of fielders supporting along, cricket is a game of team spirit and coordination. We congratulate IBS Pune who won against SIBM-Hyderabad. DSC_0255
With incessant baskets, dribbles and team work, IBS Hyderabad men’s team achieved the victory in basketball against SIBM-Hyderabad.
A game of intuition, imagination and improvisation, volleyball winners were NICMAR won the game comprehensively. Chess, a game of intellectuals, saw finalists go full throttle, till the host college decided to end the game with one swift move. Heartiest congratulations to IMT Hyderabad for winning this game.

“Perseverance, hard work, dedication, respect and that’s a goal!”

The Football final saw the game go down to the wire. A nail biting finish was on the cards when no team could score in the stipulated time. Thus, it all came down to penalty shoot-outs. IMT Hyderabad kept their nerves against IBS Hyderabad and with some stellar shots and gutsy goal saves, they brought the trophy home.4

Ultimately, Periodos 2018 was a huge success with top B-Schools from all over India coming together on campus to delve into the spirit of sportsmanship. Towards the end of the day, the closing ceremony started with director’s address where Mr. Satish Ailawadi congratulated the whole IMT team and the participants who added stars to this event with their collective efforts. The winning teams were presented with certificates and trophies and were acknowledged for their success. The teams were also appreciated for their active participation. Antragna- the cultural club of IMT Hyderabad organized the closing ceremony. Team Dhanak’s enthralling dance performance added more energy to the show. Team Dhwani’s soulful voices echoed in the amphi-theatre and engaged the audience with some chartbuster music. Not to forget the amazing short comical drama by Team Navrang that induced an unending laughing spree among the audience.

Isn’t it so true that all’s well that ends well?

And with much troth, glory and pride we wrapped up Periodos 6.0, with a promise of a bigger and even better event come next year.

Written by Janvhi Kewalramani

Batch of 2018-20



Periodos 6.0: Day 1

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“Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing..”

Similar thoughts triggered in the minds of all the participants who visited our campus on 17th November for Periodos-2018, IMT’s flagship sports event– from colleges across various parts of  India.

Periodos 6.0 commenced with the lighting of lamp, followed by a marvelous speech  by the Director, Dr. Satish Ailawadi and the faculty in charge of the event, Prof. Saurabh Bhattacharya.
Day 1 of Periodos 6.0  started with a pool of excitement in the campus. The games were enthralling and competitive, yet a great sense of sportsmanship was shown by all the players. The day 1 was lined up with 42 matches enough to engage the crowd for an encapsulating day.

Day 1 of Periodos kicked off with a cricket match between IBS Bangalore and VJIM Hyderabad, the match was won by IBS Bangalore. IMT Hyderabad, IBS Pune, NICMAR Hyderabad were also victorious in the day 1 line up of cricket.
IMT Hyderabad won the football match and defeated NMIMS Hyderabad in their first football match by 3-0. Also IMT Hyderabad along with IBS Hyderabad qualified for finals which will go down on day 2.


“I have come to the personal conclusion that while all artists are not chess players, all chess players are artists. – Marcel Duchamp”


Chess is all about mind games, a game of how you outsmart your opponent.

IMT Hyderabad Vs NMIMS Hyderabad | Victory for us.  Although the game moved in silence initially, the level of excitement picked up all of a sudden when someone uttered the word “CheckMate”. Both the teams won their matches and qualified to reach the finals, to be played on Day 2 of the event.

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Small minds discuss people, average minds discuss happenings, great minds discuss ideas.

And so did we – the people of Eloquence, the public speaking club of IMT Hyderabad. The ideas that made up this year’s “VERVE”, the flagship event of the club. The idea in itself represented a lot of feelings like enthusiasm, exuberance, and artistic, and on the top of it was the theme of the event – “Reverie”. I am so proud to say that the great minds of Eloquence did absolute justice with the idea as well as with the theme.


It was yet another colorful event in IMT Hyderabad wherein Eloquence organised 5 games, each involving the common idea of speaking, communicating and yet being unique in themselves.

First game was “Puchka and Puzzle”. Yes, it’s the same puchka that we all love to eat. But what about the puzzle?


So, the participants had to search for words from the grid of letters and on every correct word they would get a Puchka. Sounds fulfilling, no? And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better – you also get a prize when you complete 7 words.

The second game was “Rumble and Roll”. Now we all know how tough it is to do a tongue twister already, but what fun it is if you had to walk on a plank with 2 heavy books in both your hands and then do a tongue twister.

Can you do that?

Next was “Word of Thrones” where a team of 2 played the game. One of the participants was blindfolded and told a word, who then had to search for letters from the pile just by touching them and the other one had to guess the word. Staying calm and patient was the key here.

The fourth event was “karaoke” but do you think anything at Verve would come without a catch? Absolutely not!

In order to win the prize the participant had to sing the entire song.. without having missed a single word from the lyrics. We gave an amazing stage to the participants to showcase their singing skills and win prizes for the same. Moupia of junior batch was the first person to take the challenge, and, as expected, won the prize and everyone’s hearts with her beautiful voice.

The last event and one of my personal favorites was “Pictionary”. One of the two participants was given the movie name, who then had to draw something related to it while his partner had to guess it. Now we all remember that scene from “The Big Bang Theory” where Sheldon plays this game and complicates it even more. Well, here some played like Penny while some played like Sheldon. I myself tried the game and turned out to be just another Sheldon at this.


The club surely left an impression on everyone with their very first event of the year. It taught us a variety of methods to think and to communicate and obviously win prizes. I am sure the members of the club would be happy that all their efforts finally paid off.


Aayush Sinha

Batch of 2018-20

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