Periodos 7.0

Day 1

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Dr. Rambalak Yadav holding the torch during the opening ceremony

Banner up, stage set, mic check!

With so many new faces in the campus, it felt like the first day of college! It was the opening night of the 7th edition of Periodos, the annual inter-college sports event of IMT Hyderabad! The two-day event was declared open with the lighting of the torch and fireworks in the sky.

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An adrenaline-filled basketball match

The matches took place in the basket-ball court, volleyball court and the cricket ground simultaneously. Every player wore their college jersey with pride and marched into the field armed with the determination to win. But let's not forget the second most important aspect of these games- the enthusiastic spectators.

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A header caught at the right moment!

This group of people who don't let the players' spirits down, wouldn't stop cheering at anything! Irrespective of the scores, the campus echoed with screams of adrenaline rush. For those who wished to explore the campus beyond the fields, there were photo booth spots and food stalls.

Some participants shared their experience from Periodos 2018 and recalled familiar faces amongst the IMT Hyderabad students. We saw many of them catch up with their buddies from the previous year. Expanding social circles is one of the best effects of these inter college events! They knew their way around the campus and sat at the Amphitheatre for a friendly banter with each other.

A couple of teams seemed to have improved their game and put up a steady fight. The organizing and volunteer teams of IMT Hyderabad tirelessly kept the show running.

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Moments before a volley interception

Peppy and feet tapping music blaring near the basket court with colorful jerseys gave the campus a carnival like flavour.  Everywhere we turned, we saw groups of players analyzing opponent strategies and doing mental score calculations.

The football matches were scheduled for after 10pm. The flood lights made the field look brighter than a day at the desert!  As the night progressed, everyone moved to the Amphitheatre, dancing to the tune of guitars and singing in merriment. After a tiring day with so many activities performed, the fun they had in the amphitheatre was well-deserved and absolutely worth it.

Day 2

Day 2 started with the same energy as Day 1. The final matches of all the events were scheduled for Day 2 which kept the participants, and even the spectators occupied. In spite of the rain, the qualified teams were still high-spirited and all set for the semi-finals and the finals. Even though the matches were delayed due to bad weather conditions, it didn’t affect the energy of the players or the spectators.

Everyone was full of excitement, and the campus was so lively and full of energy! Livelier than ever! The students were cheering for the players with so much energy. I was in the hostel, and I could hear the crowd go wild with excitement! Even the IMT Alumni attended the event.

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The throw-ball team gets the trophy home

I spoke to one of the football players from IMT, a first-year, about his experience to which he said, “It was my first inter-college match here, and it was exactly what I expected! Everyone played with a lot of team spirit, and it was amazing!”

A player from IBS Hyderabad said that the organizing team did an amazing job at making the event a great experience for everyone! Well, IMTians are amazing! Aren’t we?

Periodos 7.0 witnessed an overwhelming participation from different B-Schools. The two-day event ended with a vibrant closing ceremony, which comprised of a prize distribution ceremony. All the teams were appreciated for their sportsmanship and participation.

The winning teams were awarded trophies and certificates. Outstanding performances by Dhanak – the Dance Club of IMT, Navrang – the Drama Club, and Dhwani – the Music Club, left the audience enthralled. The audience joined Dhanak in an impromptu mini flash mob, which was super fun!

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Dhwani in action

They gave amazing performances, left the audience awestruck and wanting for more!

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Dhanak with their electrifying performance

Thus, the seventh edition of Periodos ended on a high, with all participants and organizers much more pumped up and energized even after the end of the event.

About the author,

    Sanjana Satapathy and Anushka Rawat

Pareidolia Blogger, Class of 2019-21

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