• Altius reflects the inner self of a person where each one of us wants to raise our standards higher than what it was before. We at IMT Hyderabad come together from different cultures and mindset but what binds us together is the spirit of Sportsmanship.
  • Our motto is not only to compete with each other for the sake of competition but also increase the level of competition amongst ourselves in various sports like Cricket, Football, Volleyball, TT, Basketball and various other sports. We see to it that every sporting event that happens is played in the true spirit of the game where the aggression in the game stays in the game and everyone is happy in the end.
  • We started with the election of the Sports committee which had a healthy mixture from the junior and senior batch. Then, we planned to host many events which would help in increasing the interaction between both the batches.
  • The club’s first activity started with a cricket match on The Independence Day between the seniors and the juniors where even a couple of faculties participated.
  • Due to a major interest in Table Tennis (TT), we hosted a tournament for TT next. It went on for two days due to a major participation from both the batches.
  • This was followed by a 5-a-side football tournament in between the hostels which went on till the wee hours of the morning and was equally enjoyed and supported by the participating teams and the crowd along with the cheering and booing when every goal was scored.
  • This was just the start of the events and seeing the participation there were regular matches held for Cricket, Football, TT, Basketball, Volleyball and Counter Strike.
    26th January was declared as the Annual sports day of IMT, which included games like Kho Kho, 100m & 200m Sprint and 400m Relay races and the game of seven stones. This event was a major crowd puller as most of the people participated in the events and had fun.
  • As soon as January started, the whole of IMT got together to gear up for its 1st and the grandest of events, The Periodos on 8th, 9th and 10th of February which was an inter-college sports fest. A total of 6 teams participated other than IMT which were Great Lakes Chennai, NMIMS Hyderabad, IPE, Manage, IBS Hyderabad, Aurora Business School & Amity. The whole college was buzzing around with each and every IMTian stepping up to make this event a grand success and laid a foundation for this event to continue in the coming years.
  • This was followed by an award giving ceremony to all the participants and the supports on 11th, as a vote of thanks, for their patience and their hard work to make this event a great success.
  • Altius has time and again tried to play a role in establishing a proper work-life balance in studies and sports which refreshes the minds of students, to continue the zeal for sports and to raise a bar in the years to come.