No, you are not required to pay separate fee for each score. You need to fill in only one IMT Application form and you pay Rs 2000/- plus applicable taxes, irrespective of the number of scores submitted. IMT considers the best score among available test scores before giving out final offer to candidates. You have to enter one test (Roll No/ID), if applicable. For example, if you are applying on the basis of CAT 2019 OR XAT 2020 test, enter CAT OR XAT ID. You also have the option of submitting other test scores as well. If you are applying ONLY on the basis of GMAT OR CMAT and have not yet registered for test, you can put the test name only in the particular section. Once you have registered for the test, you can edit your Application Form by logging in from the MT Admissions PortalI

IMT considers the aggregate scores and does not have separate sectional cut-offs when short-listing applicants for Common Admission Process.

There is one Common Application Form for the four campuses – Ghaziabad, Nagpur, Hyderabad and Dubai. In the online Application Form, you need to mention your campus preference. At least two campuses have to be mentioned or maximum of all campus preferences can be entered. At the time of final offering you will be informed about the campus you are selected for.

Please mention aggregate percentage of marks for all subjects (including optional subjects) irrespective of your Board regulations.
For example, if you have studied 7 subjects INCLUDING ALL optional subjects, all 7 subjects must be taken into consideration irrespective of your board rules and regulations.

CAT 2019 and XAT 2020 scores are provided to IMT by test conducting agency.
For candidates who have got a final admit offer from IMT, official GMAT score needs to be provided via GMAC. For the purpose of Application processing, GMAT score need to be updated through IMT Admissions Portal by 15 March 2020. Application will be processed provisionally.
For CMAT 2020 score, you will be able to update through IMT Admissions Portal immediately.

Standard guidelines for acceptance of Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT®) score report are given as under:

At the time of appearing for the GMAT exam, prior to starting the test, you will have the option of selecting the program(s)* of your choice where you can send your GMAT score free of cost.

They will send the score electronically or by mail, depending on the programs’ preferences. This service is covered by your GMAT™ exam registration fee. Once you have made your selections, they cannot be changed.

To have your scores sent to additional programs, you have the following options:

1. Please visit

2. Under the section ‘The GMAT’, click on sub section ‘GMAT Scores & Score Reports’. Then select the option ‘Sending your score to schools’

3. Kindly follow the steps mentioned on webpage for sending your score to additional schools.

Please note that only electronic GMAT score reports will be accepted.

*At the time of appearing for the GMAT, a candidate can apply to any 5 programs free of cost.

You can choose to submit more than one score. IMT will choose the best score before giving out the admission offer.

IMT Ghaziabad has an approval of 420 seats in PGDM, 60 seats in BFS and 180 in Dual Country PGDM, IMT Nagpur has an approval of 360 seats in PGDM and IMT Hyderabad has an approval of 240 seats in PGDM

No. Once your online payment goes through and your Application Number is generated, your application is considered complete. You do not have to post/email anything to IMT.

No, you can not appear more than one time in selection process. It will be deemed as a fraudulent activity if one attempts to appear more than once. To ensure this your Identification document will be checked at the time of Personal Interview process and your final registration process at IMT Campus

Identification document details are needed in order to verify the applicants as well as for prevention of fraudulent activities. The identification of candidate will be done through Identification document during the admission process. Candidate has to provide any one identification document details of the following. The ONLY ID proof/s which are accepted by IMT are:

1. PAN Card

2. Passport

3. Valid Driving License

4. Voter’s ID card

5. Aadhar Card

The above has to be of the applicant who is applying to IMT. WE DO NOT ACCEPT ID PROOF OF PARENTS, RELATIVES, and SIBLINGS etc. in any stage of the admissions process.

The Eligibility for international applicants is CAT/XAT/GMAT. In case you are taking the CAT or XAT, please update your roll number and registration details. We will take the official scores from the testing agency. In case of GMAT, please update your GMAT roll number and scores.

For IMT Ghaziabad, applicants are short-listed for Personal Interview process (please look at Admissions Criterion and process for details of same) based on one of the following admitted scores: CAT 2019 OR XAT 2020 OR valid GMAT scores. GMAT score January 1st, 2016 – February 28, 2020. For IMT Nagpur & Hyderabad applicants are short-listed for Personal Interview process based on one of the following admitted scores: CAT 2019 OR XAT 2020 OR CMAT 2020 OR valid GMAT score (January 1st, 2016 – February 28, 2020).

1. Please follow your university/institution stated rule for conversion of CGPA into percentage.

2. In case your university/institution does not have any scheme or rule to convert CGPA into percentage, the same can be done by dividing the candidate’s CGPA by the maximum possible CGPA and multiplying the result with 100.

You have to enter the Campus and Program preferences at the time of online application.

Candidate can search by typing ‘IMT’ only or ‘Ghaziabad’ only in the search box at the time of application to GMAT.

For candidates who have already taken GMAT post 1 January 2016 and before filling in the IMT online Application Form, please provide Official GMAT score by paying the additional score fee to GMAC. This is only applicable in case the candidate gets admission offer from IMT. The official GMAT scores needs to be provided on or before the registration to the program. IMT needs the final official score of the student at the time of registration of the candidate on campus.
For candidates who have not taken GMAT before filling in the online application form, they can do so on or before February 28, 2020. You are required to send us the unofficial scores via scan to by February 28, 2020 and the official scores on or before15 March 2020. For such candidates, IMT will process the application provisionally, subject to final GMAT score.

No. At this point in time you are not required to send/mail/upload your academic transcript/documents.

In case you do not receive a confirmation email on completing the online application, you can still log on to the ‘Admissions Portal’, which will have the updated status on your application.
– Login on IMT Admissions Portal:
– Login id: Your Registered e-mail ID
– Password: Same as entered earlier during application process.

You can edit your application by logging in to IMT Admissions Portal . You will not be able to edit the name of candidate. Editing facility on application would be available for limited period only till January 2020.

Yes. Currently we have links with Bank of Baroda and Indian Bank. Applicants need to visit the branches of these banks directly with Admissions offer letters (if offered admissions in any campus of IMT) to avail the loan facilities.

Please check following link for contact details: Education / Study Loan

Application process is the same as regular candidates. Candidates have to fill the online application form on and pay the application fees to be considered for IMT.

The admission process at IMT commences in February 2020 and we will soon appraise you about Common Admissions process.

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